Tactical view distances more relevant to whats on field

right now the tactical view shows you 5-400km with about 12 circular lines. my suggestion is to add the option to change those numbers and those lines into something more “situational” and “relevant” to the ships and structures on grid as well as relevant to the ship fit you are flying right now. for example if there aren’t any ships out at 400km then it wont show that far and you’ll have less lines. The tactical view expands contracts and adapts to new situations for example whenever enemy ship is starting to pull away from you at a high speed or if there is a new ship warping in at long range. and if somebody or some corp or some alliance doesnt interest you then you can have them “removed” from the tactical view, in the heat of battle this might be useful. its a “visual indicator” for helping you determine the urgency and speed at which the enemy is diving you without the drawback of cluttering up the battlefield too much, because currently there arent all that many indicators out there and they dont always succeed because every situation is unique and different from the previous one, one can easily miss small details while maneuvering around and keeping tabs on all the ranges of enemy ships and their movements and speeds. there will always be an outer line on the tactical view so that you can compare the enemy ship relevant to the outer line (things like speed at which he moves toward it). and immersion is pretty important too no matter how small the circle gets it still needs to look big and fill up the screen, just minus the info you dont find relevant in most battles with the ship you’re in

been asking for this for a while. +1

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