Tactical view "perspective" that you can share with fleet mates

(sisterofeve6) #1

as im watching the alliance tourney I noticed the nice camera shots (link above), which made me think: how awesome would it be if we had a “shareable” tactical view from “the same perspective” (as opposed to having to use your own tactical view which “moves with your ship”. That way you can “frame” the battle more effectively and gain a real tactical advantage over your opponent

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(Cade Windstalker) #2

You know there’s a free-cam already in the game right? You can move it around or center it on a point in space if you want.

There’s no share option, but honestly I’m not sure why you’d want that or what sort of “tactical advantage” you’re talking about or why enabling something like that is a good idea at all.

(sisterofeve6) #3

being able to share your tactical view “center” or “anchor” will enable your fleet to function more effectively since the battlefield is “framed” which is another way of saying the battlefield will be mapped for tactical strategic purpose. Because there is little value to be gained from everyone having different maps, you can coordinate an attack/defense easier if the map is more accurate

i think if this idea were to be implemented the tactical view is likely to change and evolve in terms of visuals and UI, also most likely you would be able to expand the initial map into a bigger map (incase enemy ships start to move outside of the initial map you would need to be able to communicate positioning, movements, targets etc.). Alternatively you can just “share” a new tactical view “anchor” if the old one is starting to become irrelevant, and you can share multiple tactical view “anchors” and your fleet mates will be able to view all of them simultaneously when needed

(Cade Windstalker) #4

Have you ever actually FC’d a fleet or been in a fleet fight? There’s literally zero use for something like that. The only person that needs to even look at the positioning of the ships in the fight is the person or people giving orders, which is generally the FC and rarely more than 5 people in the same fight.

The actual line members can pretty much fly their ships through the overview, at least if the FC is doing their job right.

If any line member does actually need to look at the fight it’ll be in relation to their own ship because the FC said something like burn in X direction for Y distance.

The level of information or kind of precision you’re talking about is pretty useless and it would be a waste of time for CCP to try to implement something like this. Even if CCP did implement this, and even if some people did use it, the actual benefit would be minimal to non-existent.

I recommend going out and FCing some fights before jumping up with suggestions on features to improve this. I think if you asked most FCs what they’d want to improve the FCing experience they’d ask for more commands in the UI or something similar.

(sisterofeve6) #5

alternatively when you share a tactical view “anchor” by default it can’t be a “moving thing” such as your own ship, it has to be stationary such as a jettisoned can for example, the enemy can even make it their objective to shoot down anything which is being used by the enemy fleet as a tactical view “anchor” to make them operate less effectively and force them to get organized again (when enemy is blind is a prime time to make a sneaky tactical decision). This is why there needs to be a “backup plan” for your fleet to fall back on in case the enemy coordinates to shoot down all your tactical view “anchors” at the same time)

(sisterofeve6) #6

i mean on paper it seems like a small change to just add a “share” button for the tactical view, but I think you’re right about ccp having to give lots of attention to this type of change because it might change a lot about the ebb and flow of fleet fights because information is power, and its not just the FC’s this would power it would also power the “line members” to make their own choices, choices lead to internal conflict too which is another thing to consider

(Cade Windstalker) #7

It’s not, at all. You’re talking about putting in code to not long live-update everyone else in a fleet on the “view state” of one fleet member, but also putting in code to sync that up and not mess up everything else to do with the camera.

That’s a lot of work already on its own.

This is a fantasy, not reality. The tools already exist to give everyone in a fleet all the information they need, and hitching someone’s camera to the FC’s doesn’t change that in any substantive way.

You’ve also provided zero rationale for this, you’ve just repeatedly claimed that this would be a super big and important change. Personally, as someone that’s actually FC’d a fleet in Eve, I’m not seeing it. You need to present an actual argument for why this would matter or should be done, not just assume that and then proceed from that assumption.

(sisterofeve6) #8

another sort of byproduct of this idea is the potential for hosting tournaments and arranged fights within the “arena” that will be outlined by the tactical view, for example if somebody “watching” the fight noticed a boundary violation he has permission to kill that ship, it leaves a lot for the tournament organizers to discuss in terms of rules and the terms of the fight.

and if the “watchers” or “bouncers” fail to catch the person who boundary violated then in some cases he might be allowed to get back into the fight (if he manages to escape the bouncers). the bouncer in this particular case would not be allowed to enter the arena to chase.

(Cade Windstalker) #9

As I said, there’s already a freely movable tactical camera in the game. Since most tournaments use an anchored can as the center point it’s easy for a third party to center their camera on that point and use it as a reference for checking boundary violations if the tournament in question uses a boundary.