Monitor - a different approach

Would Fc’s literally rather have something on grid with more survivability or a ship with a cloak that can do the following on one screen/one toon:

‘central command unit’

*warp whilst cloaked
*View ‘combat cams’ (limited amount based on skills)
*View primary, secondary and tertiary/tagged locked targets - maybe linked to command ship module
*some form of ewar for defensive measures and limited drone bay; bonus for ecm drones perhaps.

combat cam = highslot module that can be fitted to interceptor/cov ops allows ‘central command unit’ to view whats on their screen at the touch of a button.
This would give an fc a greater view of the whole battle with clever use of alts and main scouts, still enable them some command of fleet movement but would need to still rely on ongrid fc’s and teamwork but also possibly allow for an entirley new concept of actual fleet, wing and squad command positions?

Of course that really wouldnt be an easy thing to do, certainly not as easy to program as the monitor but i feel that it is actually what is lacking from fleets, a way to coordinate differently armed squads and wings faster and more efficiently.

I sense flame incoming…

If fcs want to command the battle cloaked they already can do so. There is a free cam now. They don’t have to be in the thick of it.


Not quite in the same vein no, the above would be/feel more immersive and also more comprehensive without relying on out of game applications. Which is entirely my point, immersion, capability, ease of use and so on.
It would infact live up to its name also ‘Monitor’ :wink:

Provided they arent cloaked, just “look at” the ship you want the perspective from. Something additional I would like to see is when doing that, there’s a faded out tactical overlay (if enabled) centered on your new viewpoint origin, whether it is a ship, drone, structure, or fighter. Hm… that would actually be an interesting idea…

i dont think you could really view and assess all the information you would be getting and fly your ship in fleet at the same time, would probably mean this type of ship would end up sitting tethered most of the time and not being really used.
People wouldnt use it in wormholes either - but then this type of ship may present more issues for wormhole life which i hadnt thought about before.
Im also iffy about the cov ops cloak tbvh.

Tactical overlay would be an interesting addition though.

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