Talisman Implants Question

So Talisman implants reduce the duration of modules requiring capacitor emmissions skill. My question pertains to energy neuts in particular. So for example, on a pilgrim, while the Talisman implants would reduce the duration (cycle time) of my nuets, wouldnt my nuets also eat up more cap as they would activate a new cycle a lot faster?!

Please clarify



They will use the same amount of capa but as they will cycle faster they will consumore more cap per second

So even though they activate into a new cycle faster they will still use the same ammount of cap?! A high grade talisman set will get you roughly 38% reduction in duration/cycle time on the neuts. So using a medium T2 neut as an example (raw numbers), it activates every 12 seconds using 150gj per activation. With the implants youll now be activating roughly every 8 seconds so while youre draining more cap at a faster rate arent you also using more cap as now your spending 150gj every 8 seconds as opposed to every 12?!

Thank you for your reply just trying to clarify

They will, over all, use more Cap. The cap per cycle is unaffected, but the cap per second is increased.

You’ll also neut out more cap from your target per second.

Thank you

so basically the ratio of cap your REMOVE from your target to the cap you consume remains the same.

Does that mean those implants get more interesting with Nosferatu, as they don’t consume any cap per cycle ?

no, they are better for cap neutralizers provided you have cap injectors and your target doesn’t.
Once your target is cap drained, the cap regen is so slow that you can use a small amount of neutralizers .

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