Tama Gate Camp/Nourv Gate Lancer Mechanics/Fighters

The Tama gate camp crew has probably only grown since it’s started years ago. I don’t think it was as bad as it is today as I have come back to the game recently. I don’t want this to seem like a complete complaining thread but not much else I can do. The group has essentially made this gate not even possible to use without dying. If you jump in with a cloak giant chance you will be decloaked by wrecks or the fighters they will put on you in .001 seconds totally fair for sure. If you don’t have a cloak you will be instalocked. Now apparently since coming back to the game there’s a new lancer mechanic which seems fantastic oh joy. I know there are some topics about it but specifically it being used on small stuff like a crane jumping through to nourv from tama is insane. I was decloaked in my crane and then shot by a lancer before I could even jump the gate. The use of this lancer on small stuff to just get blobbed is in my mind nuts. You used to be able to at least use the gate as a one way into nourv but now the gate is completely unusable. I think some mechanics need to be changed for fighters decloaking on the gate and also with the lancer being used on small stuff to just gate camp with. I think personally it is fine with jump freighters and stuff similar. This crew has made tama pretty much a ghost town now with no content really around it and they pretty much do it risk free as if you drop them you will probably just get dropped on by snuff right after. Sadly my only solution to this and many others is to go an extra 15+ jumps or so around the gate to get where they want which I don’t mind too much but it is just annoying. The point of this is I think something needs to be done about the insta decloaking on gates in general with fighters and the use of the Lancer dread on small things specifically like a crane or bustard I don’t think it is balanced at all.

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Don’t warp directly gate to gate.

Warp to a ping off the gate, then to the gate.

I’ve gone out to Nourv many times through that gatecamp.

Coming into Tama is another matter altogether.


I’m not to sure how the Lancer gun actually works or its range but I still think the fact that it is being used to kill small things landing on gate to not be able to jump is absurd.

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Those camps are setup to nail people warping directly from Sujarento or Kedama.
Coming to the gate from behind it at an angle, you should be able to avoid it.
Hence, bounce to a ping off the gate. Same method you’d use to avoid a drag bubble camp in null.

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The other option is to take a different route.
Go in and out of black rise through Kinnaka for example.

It’s all in the reflexes.

Please don’t go to Tama thinking your BR will work.

EVE is so much larger than 1 system. And there is plenty of space for everyone if you know how to take advantage of under camped LS routes.

It likely won’t work in Rancer/Miro as well. Or in Ahbazon.

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Care to elaborate why it is wrong that you can’t use gate deactivated by lancer when you fly there in Blockade Runner, but it is fine if the same happens to someone else flying in (Jump) Freighter?

Let me guess. Is it fine because you are not flying these ships at all right? :smiley:

See I fly through Tama in Sunesis and I don’t mind that some rich whale like you in BR dies because of Lancer.

And no your premise is just wrong. Tama is now joke, ever since CCP shuffled k-space systems after Triglavian invasion. Low traffic, very rarely camped. It used to be camped 24/7 around 2018. I know the gatecamping is back lately, but I never run into it yet. And because there is a freeport nearby gate then jumping to Nourvukainen is safer than it ever was.


Not sure why you think I am a rich whale. But you seem to think you know it all for sure. But I am pretty far from rich. This forum isn’t a place to be toxic or spready your negativity anyways. Keep it in game or not at all. Regardless a lancer camping a gate killing countless number of small haulers and misc stuff just shouldn’t happen which is where I personally have issue. He is farming small things like asteros, and haulers, frigates and pretty much everything you can imagine he can spam his fingers onto his lancer for. Even if I was to fly a JF I wouldn’t mind the lancer updates as I could for one go around it much easier than 10-15 jumps in a bustard or crane for example and a JF can hold a lot more inventory vs a bunch more trips with a bustard or crane. Also this doesn’t apply to only tama it is merely an example of where it is being done.

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I felt like you took that personal lol.

Attempting to justify what you do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Smart people don’t go through tama/other LS pipes. So we can avoid people like you.

It’s not really much more active today than it used to be.

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MOST of the time in any given day, Tama is not camped.
There are several thousand other systems in known space in Eve, several of which provide alternative access to Caldari lowsec, including that region.
zKillboard will give you clues as to what might be going on there before you jump unscouted.
To avoid the Lancer, warp to a ping off the gate first so you can warp in at a different angle.

This also protects against smartbombs.

Looks like someone has a problem with gate campers. You might want to avoid lowsec if its not your cup of tea.

Carebear. :slight_smile:

Hello try not to do wall of text please :slight_smile:

The lancer dreadnaught have been making life hard for lots of people, most of all becauase it was never communicated properly what their impact would be on the game. Namely warping to 0 is now less safe in low and null.

Im not going to opine wether Lancer mechanics are good or bad but when you introduce such a radical change without putting in an effort to make it clear what the effects will be people are going to be upset.

But how do you communicate properly to EVE onlines broad and diverse player base? Well you could use the launcher. But that real estate is used to promote cosmetics and various sales and people are trained to ignore tooltips and popups and emails too because of how spammy they all are. Its a damn shame.

For example i was watching Guzu play EVE online for his first time the other day. And when he logged in and saw the daily login campaign he was like “Oh it has one of those.” and smiled. He created his character and after logging it in the “You have special offer” pop up came. But he already knew instinctually, despite never having played the game before, that that was spam. He closed it instantly. Didnt even look at it. I for one thought that was interesting. Have a nice day.

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