Tanking L4 missions

so @Ghaillie_Oksayris asked me to fleet up with him to run some missions, I want to know if two fits like this can or cannot tank a L4 mission together. the ships are a Tengu and a Omen

Tengu: https://www.eveworkbench.com/fitting/tengu/9febe34f-3abf-44b7-24c1-08d8855d79e9

[Omen, Omen - PVE L2]
Prototype Compact EM Armor Hardener I
Tracking Enhancer II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Medium ACM Compact Armor Repairer
Prototype Compact Thermal Armor Hardener I

Medium Cap Battery II
Cap Recharger II
10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner

Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I
Focused Anode Medium Particle Stream I

Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Hobgoblin I x5

Multifrequency M x5


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I’ve flown Level 4 missions with a new player alongside me in a T1 Cruiser (an Omen as I recall). I was flying a battlecruiser (Harbinger).

It ran quite nicely - I have strict instructions that the cruiser pilot should stay near me as I wanted the NPC ships to focus on me and attack me since I’ve got the better tank. Also, if the new player in his Cruiser started to take incoming fire and his tank was at risk he should break free, repair somewhere quiet and return.

Staying close meant he could also benefit from my Armor Command Bursts. The Tengu isn’t directed for that, but that’s a nicety rather than a must. He helps you by soaking up incoming fire.

So, it depends on who you are flying with - but I’d expect a Tengu/Omen to be fine. The trick is to work together to complete the mission not just both charge in.

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Thanks for that quick reply, I feel very assured now. I got another question, if I use a Omen navy issue instead, in what ways would it be better than the t1 omen?

The Navy Issue will have a longer range (and with energy turrets that means "use a greater damage crystal at the same range), more raw damage output (depending on skill - Amarr Cruiser IV is a good place to be), and optionally more tank.
I’ve not run the figures, but I suspect that you are are looking at a general about 10% or so improvement across the board.

That’s not the whole story: the Navy Issue Omen is better suited for longer range combat than the T1 Omen because of the range bonus it has. That may make it a better match for a higher skilled pilot in the Tengu who may have good missile range with his fit. The ability to fight with a cruiser at range reduces your need to fly away from your partner and closer to the enemy (who will then have a pop at you).

A not inconsiderable thought is that the Omen Navy Issue is 66m ISK at Amarr five times the price of a T1 Omen. Try your current fit first, it should be fine.


ahh okay, thanks. but the price sure worth it right? I checked zkill and eve workbench, a fitted ONI is more than 100M! Indeed too expensive for me(I only have like 120M).

Having put your mission Omen fit into PFYA I rather like it.
I’m trying it against my skill set (of course) and I’ve a lot of fitting space, so there’s room for upgrades as you progress: T2 weapons will help a lot, as will Navy crystals - you’ll get another 20% or so firepower that way (15% from the faction crystals). Normally I’d say use normal crystals, because I’m a cheap skate, and carry a Navy set incase you need the punch.

Yeah, having just costed one up, a good Omen Navy Issue (A “Nomen”) is 100m ISK fitted.
That gives me 60% more DPS and 80% more tank than your fitting does, but that’s a T2 fitted Nomen with faction ammunition. That’s at my skill level as well.

A Zealot (the T2 Heavy Assault Cruiser equivalent of the Omen) is going to give you similar step above the Nomen - all the Nomen bonuses, plus an extra turret (the Nomen is a four-gun ship), and better underlying resistances. But you’d fit the Zealot a little differently.

What is “worth it” really depends on your expectations and wealth - I’ve enough ISK that the difference in cost between a well fitted Omen and a Nomen is minimal; so I’d go Navy. If I’m fitting a Zealot I’d be looking at Faction and Deadspace modules so the cost will be nearer 500m+ for that: but it would be a very capable ship.

If I had 120m ISK I’d be thinking “good Omen” as my mission ship. And thinking of what I’d be doing for a Level 3 mission battle-cruiser (hint: The Harbinger is a good ship!) when I could fit T2 guns to it.

Sorry if that’s a bit rambling.


I think in conclusion is that I am just too poor and need to earn isk, so right now Omen is the best ship I can buy. maybe the ship/isk problem would sort itself out when I have earned like 500M.

Having flown an Omen beside a Dominix Navy Issue in some level 4 missions long ago, I can say that it’s a good ship to bring into such missions. I’d orbit the DNI within range of the remote armor repairer he carried for his drones, and still be able to fly at high enough speed that it wasn’t needed. (It’s nice having the insurance though, especially since he was fitting the thing anyway.)

The short of the story is that you should be fine going in with an Omen and a buddy. Just remember that speed tanking is your true friend in level 4’s with the Omen, and don’t get hung up on any structures or obstacles.

oh thanks for the reply, I have one more question: my omen have a range of 10 km with multifrequency, and 22km with standard. Is that enough?

edit: optimal range

Take Radio crystals. You’ll get something around 35km although damage will be lower. Switch crystals as stuff closes on you.

If you are flying alongside a bigger ship your role becomes one of dealing with the smaller stuff a big ship will struggle against. Though with a Tengu as a partner that’s less of an issue since you are both using medium weapons.

The Ship/ISK problem doesn’t go away: you just get expensive tastes!

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I also have some drones, like 5 hobgoblins, is that enough to deal with those smaller rats that my guns can’t hit?

They’ll definitely help - though keep an eye out for the drones being targetted and attacked. Also, T1 drones are going to be fairly slow against some of the Level 4 mission frigates (anything that is “Elite…” are a pain on occasions).

Your best bet is to prioritise killing the frigates with your main guns as they approach from range before they start orbiting you. Your fitting has a tracking enhancer on it, so life won’t be too horrible.

Generally you are right: the reason you carry drones on a turret/missile ship is to have a small weapon system that can deal with things you have difficulty hitting or getting good application on.

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ohh okay thanks, seems I need to buy some extra crystals, also a spare set of drones.

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