Target Spectrum Breakers beyond the BS

Though there a several interesting fits/doctrines using the Target Spectrum Breaker (TSB), it seems to me to be a misplaced module. Why on BS as principally a GTFO module when in general terms a BS ought to be fighting its way out? Sure, for the defensive-types let them have it, but the TSB really ought to be useable elsewhere.

At a minimum, Deep Space Transports, Freighters and Jump Freighters should be able to use them. And if a combat sub-cap ship like a BS has them why not a carrier, FAX, Rorqs, Orcas or other cap size ship?

And so as to make not module to just be left running make its use a bit more player intensive.

Drains capacitor quickly; player had best be aligned and ready to initiate warp if the TSB is successful. After maybe 2 or 3 cycles cap will be at zero and warp can not be initiated.

Suspect timer; like ECM bursts, be careful where you use it. Not something I’d want but maybe appropriate to give some ‘balance’ for the high-sec elite PvP types.

Those are details but the more important point is the TSB ought to be fit on more ship-types.

Ya didn’t even check how long a single cycle takes, and i ain’t thinkin’ ya’rr knowin’ how capacitor works. If ya cap’s dry, ya just have to wait a second, two, three and ya ready to warp off again. In anythin’ but a small ship that ain’t gonna help ya, of course.

Also: No.

I can see where this is going. I don’t care if you have 50 target spectrum breakers running, it still won’t keep you from getting bumped and unable to align.

Why should other ships be able to use the TSB? Using your logic, cap ships and freighters should also be able to use MJD’s (which also would not do you any good, as has been outlined in a corresponding thread)…

I’m not sure I get your reasoning. You think haulers and capital ships are not safe enough and need a buff? Or is it some consistency and lack of symmetry thing that is motivating this proposal?

This is just my opinion now, but I think the ships you mention explode rather infrequently and are not in need of increased safety. Further, the trade-offs of that module don’t seem especially relevant to a non-combat ship like a hauler. The idea of a solo Battleship using this module to take on a gang of smaller ships sounds epic to me - a hauler using it as a get-out-of-PvP button to slip away from a trap much less so.

Maybe there could be a capital class version of this - although I think capital ships are already too immune to smaller ships, and maybe one for haulers, but it would have to come with speed and/or cargo penalties to be a properly balanced module.

So, I guess, -1 then.

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