TC-KL [AU TZ] is recruiting

Sweet, hey how many jumps from Amaar would you be ?

Errr no idea mate sorry. I haven’t been to high sec in a yonk. But I believe it will take you about 15-20 minutes to get to Catch from Amarr. Maybe a bit faster in an interceptor.
Just do a route from Amarr to ZXIC and start burning :). If accepted that is :slight_smile:

Ahh cool cheers

Thursday is a good day to put the post to the top !!! Come play some EVE with us.

What better time to EVE then long weekend. Let’s roll !!

So E3 is here … nothing to do with us … Come play EVE :).

Hump day is not a bad day.

And all we do is go up up up up

FRIDAY !!! I am going home !!!

Oh @%#4 boys, here we go again !!!

Evening recruitment, best recruitment !!!

Monday post going up :).

Up up my precious !!!

Here we go again !!!


We are up !!!

and up

Looking for more people folks !! Come on in, have. look. :slight_smile:

Up we go for new people and AU TZ !!!

Up up !!!