TC-KL [AU TZ] is recruiting

Looking for new people still !!!

Up we go !

We could use more people ;). come join for some fun !

Up, UP !!!

It is Monday and a good time to get some new folks in.


As usual, we are looking for more.

lat upvote for this week. Come aboard folks :slight_smile:

and up!

Strong showing lately, but can always use more to shore those numbers up :).

Up we go. Coming up to weekend ladies and gents !!! A time to relax, blow some ships up and have merry old time !!! Come join. Drink anything but stinking Fosters and join the fun!

Almost weekend boys !!! Up you go !!!

Up for the weekend !!!

Monday hype people !!! lets go !!! Join for some fun in AUTZ !!!

Still looking for some folk !!!

up we go boys

up !!!


End is just a new beginning. We are recruiting :slight_smile:

I’m new to New Eden and I’ve just joined your Public Channel. I’m keen to learn the ropes if you guys are still recruiting