Tech 1 Meta 0 Module Dropped From NPC

I was recently running anoms and got a commander spawn. When I opened the wreck I just happened to notice he dropped a base level meta 0 shield boost amplifier. As far as I’m aware, NPCs are not supposed to drop meta 0 modules anymore. Not for several years in fact. I don’t know if this particular commander slipped through the cracks or the module did but here is a screenie.

I agree .
out of 70 commanders drop, one module only was meta 0 and it’s SBA (besides ammos) :


I also got one as a reward of the ded3 guristas


Please file a bug report with as much information as possible about the NPC you were fighting and the module that dropped; I suspect someone missed an entry on the loot tables during the changes to remove the M0 modules from drops. If you have game log files for the combat, attach them to the ticket - the timestamps and additional tracking data in the logs may help the bug hunters narrow down the relevant table that needs a tweak.

no log but all the items I loot I put them in adequately named can. It’s a bother .
As you can see it actually happen a lot (got more meta0 SBA than invuls ^^ )
My assumption is that it was put in place of a specific deadspace module, namely pith c-type SBA. The reason for this is that I did not drop any of those but I dropped several meta0 and meta1 variations. Also it was the same for ded5 angels, so I assume the “tiericide” pass on SBA was the moment this happened.

got one in a “dread guristas nihilist” wreck, from a guristas refuge in Ahtulaima.

submited BR : EBR-216218


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