Tech III Production in the safety of wormholes

Oï !

I am currently living in a nice and cosy C1 wormhole with my corporation, and recently I’ve been interested in Tech III production. Currently, I’m getting my Research skills up, planning to get the Sleeper Encryption Methods and Subsystem technology to IV, to get better luck with my Invention runs. I have access to low grade Fullerennes clouds and can still do some ninja huffing in higher class wormhole, to get better gases.

I would like to know : with the replacement of the old POS model by Engineering Complex, how do I build Tech III components, please ? Also, what can I reliably build in a C1 ?

Thanks in advance !


You need a raitaru or larger ECwith the correct modules. There’s also rigs that bonus tech III component or hull material efficiency. Your only real pain in a WH is logistics, but if you are fine with that then build away.

Just make sure you can defend the EC, your c1 has a HS entry I assume, so you’ll have higher traffic.


Nope ! Null sec static. And thanks for the recommendation, we already have a fueled Azbel :slight_smile:


Make sure it is always running a service module. I’d it ever goes into low power it has become an easy target. As for the materials the gas can be some of the harder stuff to get since you will have to got ninja in higher class systems.


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