Temporal shift ore belts for wormholes

Propose adapting a new type of shrinking zone battle royale ore anomaly to j-space and Pochven wormholes that contain a randomized mix of rare versions of all ores, gas and ice.

Abyssal Deadspace Shift:
The defining special characteristic of this site is at either random (Chaos Site) or set (Order Site) intervals the shrinking center sphere of the anomaly (starts 500km radius bubble on first jump and decreases to 5km radius on last interval jump), all entities move together into a new j-space or Pochven system (ore, ships, and all).

Ore Outside the Boundary:
The ore outside the boundary for that interval is the ore that becomes rarefied, it will however be left behind when the sphere shrinks and shifts to the next system. However, any pilot on grid that is outside the boundaries of the sphere to collect this ore experiences flat 25% reduction to resists and minor damage over time from localized abyssal turbulence.

Post Transit for Remainers:
Any or left behind ore after transit becomes either normalized or inert and immediately begins a cycle of decay. Ships left behind outside the previous boundary sphere retain 25% resist reduction and an inability to cloak for five minutes. They are free to explore the wormhole system the were left behind.

Transit Remainers:
As described, the sphere boundary zone starts with a radius of 500km and reduces on each successive system shift until it reaches a radius of 5km. At this final point, depending on the site (Chaos or Order) the destination system pilots find themselves within is either random solar system or the original system of origin. The conclusion of the abyssal weather journey rarefied one last ore rock or piece of ice into a hybrid jackpot.

As the site dissipates, pilots are not stricken with the resistance penalties of Abyssal turbulence.

This suggestion asks to offer part battle royale proving ground, part ship ferry system, and valuable mineral conduit for engaging and dynamic gameplay.

Temporal Ore, trapped for thousands of years in the space where the Eve Gate collapsed, that suddenly appears would be rather cool to mine, if not create a new storyline for the community.

Can Temporal Ore finally be the resource that will allow New Eden to bridge the distance between this Universe and Old Earth?

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