Ten things you probably nevet heard about Triglavians

I have read a lot of bullshits about Triglavians here, so I am in obligation to learn you something about it. Yes treat it like a lesson.

  1. We never… never ever… never eve… put the pistols to get the fiscals… blasting
  2. We can travel in material space but we prefer travel in immaterial space. Whats more we can travel at same time using both
  3. Our language, Triangle Language as some of you call it is…oh this to complicated for me to describe you in English but… oh no! this point Mrs. Janinka is to delete… yes they are too uneducated to understand i think…yes they thin that we have own mythology… what a ■■■■ is this? no… I love Mr Uriel he is a very good guy… okey okey I feel sorry if i hurt him right now… i hope hhe will understand that…yes but if not thats not my problem Mrs Janinka, am I right? no?.. why no?.. not exactly… okey we will talk about this latter Mrs Janinka ok? yes … yes… yes You have right Mrs Janinka… but can we talk about this latter… why latter? because i have llesson… exactly I am teacher right now, can you imagine Mrs. Janinka… yes… like who?.. no, not like Rakim Mrs. Janinka… Rakim was a preacher like KRS… yes I know that you are not that good in rap, but you know that i still love you… i love you so much… but I have to come back to my students… byeeee…ok sorry guys… what we are talking about? a about Triglavians Language… yes not Triangle Language. if you have got that name of it in your cayets just strike out ok… so with our language is like that every of us has his or her own but we can understand each other perfectly off corse if we are verbalize our language we have to use the same language, but most of us communicate in minds…
    4.We believe in One God, The Creator - off course we can call God and praise God using different languages but God is Only One, and thats not annarian God because they not believe in God
  4. Annarian bastards are to exterminate. Thats our politic strategy right now. Off course we can change, we can change our politic curse but first Annarian bastards have to change themslves. The fact is they need to survive, otherwise we kill them all.
    6 The most famous Triglavian. This to writce, print copy x 101 and put on every walls in your spaceships… Old Pervert - the greatest actor ever, Sun Ra - greatest musician, Dr. Octagon - the greatest gynecologist ever, Thorgal - the greatest warrior ever, Maxim Tsigalko - the greatest striker ever, nad Kuba Ganowski, not the greatest but you can also join him to the rest. Yes, also print… and yes also coy in x101 stupid students!!!
  5. What I said in point 6… the fact is that we dont like to be famous we prefer underground
  6. We have problem with counting .

Thank you students, right now you can back wherever you want. Yes you can also play computer games. Yes Triglavians are tolerant and even we dont like play computer games we allowed rest to do that.

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