Tenebrex Cynosural Jammer Bug?

So tonight our corp just onlined a Tenebrex Cynosural Jammer and it was shot at before it was done achoring and had and achoring timer and a repair timer at the same time. after it was done achoring and repairing my corp mate got into it to online it after he put fuel into it and then he warped back to the fort the game kept telling him he was docking. so he closed the game out and tried to relog in and now hes just getting a black screen. I went to the system and showed he was still in system but all he could see is a black screen. So he thought he would just wait till down time for it to correct its self maybe…

So now about an hour later i told him i would go put more fuel in it for him and when i got to it i could not transfer fuel to it, so i docked up to try to get into my pod to warp back to it and try to get in it and it wouldnt let me? So i warp back to the fort to dock and i hear (the horn sound for when you cant do something) and my screen goes black as well.

Its been 2 hours now and my corp mate’s guy is out side the Fort not tethered it shows him sitting in his bustard but he isnt online or in local. Nutes just came to try and kill him as well but hes not lockable.

So IDK whats going on with this thing.

I’ve moved this over into the issues forum for now, but you should definately file a bug report if you think there’s an issue with this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! The issue has been resolved!

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