Tenebris Excitatus - Now Recruiting - Would you like to know more?


Tenebris Excitatus is a small industrial corp, with operations ranging from PvE wormhole ops to hisec minng, exploration, PI, manufacturing, trade, Occasional PvP scenarios. We are a casual group trying to establish consistent mining ops to support a manufacturing and trade operation. We are chill and will put RL before EVE.

Recruits can look forward to:
-Isk and Ship support as necessary*, The corp has your back.
-Mining ops with real earnings
-Intense wormhole ops and explorations opportunities.
-Access to parts, equipment, and other supplies as neccessary.*
-We will help new players find their place in New Eden.
-Relaxed group of gamers that enjoys the pastime of eve.

(*after a mandatory probation period)

If you are tired of running solo mining ops and just want a place to call home where there are low expectations, other than weekly op participation, then apply today with Tenebris Excitatus. o7

Bump, we are actively recruiting, contact us for more info.

Bump, We are actively ice mining and manufacturing, come join us and make some real isk! Still recruiting!

Our recruitment is open, we have openings for just about any type of player. From combat, to mining, as well as exploration and industry. We do a bit of everything. Come fly with us!

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