Tengu specialist for auction - 20m sp - link fixed

(Orha Duren) #1

Auctioning myself

Almost 4m sp in engineering, most skills at level 5
Over 6.4m sp in missiles
All subs at 5
Cybernetics 5 (full set of +4’s)
Good shields and navigation

Positive wallet
1 remap
Positive sec status
Located in high sec

Starting bid 18b

Thanks for looking


(Orha Duren) #2

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(Orha Duren) #3

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(Erin Evenmoore) #4

EVEboard link not working

(Orha Duren) #5

Thanks for letting me know, appreciated


(Orha Duren) #6

Last bump before extractor foder

(Pranda Xeon) #7

would u consider 15b ?

(Orha Duren) #8

Thanks for offer, but 15b is too low unfortunately, when I consider the price of the plex to transfer.

Thanks anyway.

(Pranda Xeon) #9

ok 17.5 bil

(Orha Duren) #10

Offer accepted, thanks. Please send isk and a/c details. I will sort plex and ticket to transfer.

(Pranda Xeon) #11

thx i will send mail and isk to u in game affirm it . wait a moment

(Pranda Xeon) #12

isk and mail send to u check it when u have time

(Pranda Xeon) #13

wait u reply

(Orha Duren) #14

Both received with thanks. Initiating transfer via plex. Sending ticket now.

(Orha Duren) #15

Confirm ticket raised

(Pranda Xeon) #16

wait 10hours and have a good co-operation

(Orha Duren) #17

Depends on how long it takes GM to resolve ticket, last one took a few days. I will keep it bumped and you informed

(Pranda Xeon) #18

really? i did this before i remember just use the “Character service” and at the list of “transfer character” write down your account info and pay it ,the process will be start

(Orha Duren) #19

Not paying with PLEX

(Orha Duren) #20

Since they changed PLEX, it requires a ticket.