Tengu specialist for auction - 20m sp - link fixed

Auctioning myself

Almost 4m sp in engineering, most skills at level 5
Over 6.4m sp in missiles
All subs at 5
Cybernetics 5 (full set of +4’s)
Good shields and navigation

Positive wallet
1 remap
Positive sec status
Located in high sec

Starting bid 18b

Thanks for looking


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EVEboard link not working

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Thanks for letting me know, appreciated


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would u consider 15b ?

Thanks for offer, but 15b is too low unfortunately, when I consider the price of the plex to transfer.

Thanks anyway.

ok 17.5 bil

Offer accepted, thanks. Please send isk and a/c details. I will sort plex and ticket to transfer.

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thx i will send mail and isk to u in game affirm it . wait a moment

isk and mail send to u check it when u have time

wait u reply

Both received with thanks. Initiating transfer via plex. Sending ticket now.

Confirm ticket raised

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wait 10hours and have a good co-operation

Depends on how long it takes GM to resolve ticket, last one took a few days. I will keep it bumped and you informed

really? i did this before i remember just use the “Character service” and at the list of “transfer character” write down your account info and pay it ,the process will be start

Not paying with PLEX

Since they changed PLEX, it requires a ticket.