Wta 20m sp Tengu pilot

(Orha Duren) #1

Auctioning myself

Almost 4m sp in engineering, most skills at level 5
Over 6.4m sp in missiles
All subs at 5
Cybernetics 5 (full set of +4’s)
Good shields and navigation

Positive wallet
1 remap
Positive sec status
Located in high sec

Thanks for looking


(TxivYawg1) #2

10bil buyout offer


10.5 b/0


12 b important 30 minutes


12.5 b/o

(Orha Duren) #6

Happy to take it as a bud, but not where it needs to be for a buy out.

Thanks, highest bid currently 12.5b

(Lightemup Freddie) #7

17 bil

(Orha Duren) #8

Buyout accepted, please send ISK & details, so that I may initiate transfer.

Many thanks

(Orha Duren) #9

Still up for sale.

15b bid will trigger 24 hour auction end time.

17b buyout

(localhost01) #10

did lightemup freddie buyout.

(Orha Duren) #11

Unfortunately no isk or account details from Freddie

(Orha Duren) #12

Last time bump

(Orha Duren) #13

Still for sale

(Artis Talvanen) #14

13b offer

(Orha Duren) #15

Thanks for the offer Artis, but it is unfortunately less than I am looking for.

Cheers anyway

(Mizer Aurgnet) #16


(Orha Duren) #17

Still selling

(Pia Sweet) #18

14b b/o

(TobyChing Chow) #19

Still selling?

(v3rmin) #20

14.2b bid