Test server login name and PW

I cant logging to the test server using the same Name and password. Get the message its wrong name or password.
Just logged in to the main server and no problems. How do i fix this?

Fixed. I needed to fill in an old password. Very strange.
But how to copy Omega status to test server?

Buy plex and plex the account. 50k isk for 500 plex

The test server is only copied from TQ every few months, so if you change your password on TQ, until a new mirror is done, you have to use the old one.

Can’t log into Sing test server. Same error as OP.

My account was created in 2009. Played until 2013, took a 9 year break, came back to playing EVE in dec of 2022. Omega acc.

EDIT: seeing above response, i’m guessing that my SING pw is the same one i used back in 2013, which i dont remember.

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