TEST's New Official NewBro Corp - Welcome to Dino Nuggets [TEN.D]

Ever wanted to move on from just mining or missions in hisec? Seen the largest battles but don’t know how to be in them? Want advice and help from some of the games most experienced players? All in a fun and friendly non-judgemental environment? then look no further than TEN.D

We offer access to training programs, free ships for new players, skill books, alliance SRP for more experienced players. Access to prime high and nullsec systems for ISK making, a large market for traders and industrialists, dank pew pew, and of course access to the guys n’ gals of the corp and TEST for fun, fleets and help.

Mentors from all of TEST will be available to help anytime you need it as well as corp based mentors to provide the support you may need.

We also welcome experienced players that wish to pass their knowledge onto others, players that have a passion for helping new players, to help make eve less of the scarey place it can seem

All we ask in return is you have a mic for comms, follow TEST’s bylaws, and try to join in with activities when you can. RL really does come first.

We do not demand any payments (either ISK or Assets) for joining the corp, if someone is demanding payment then they’re trying to scam you and don’t pay, insted contact us on via our discord.

Discord : TEN.D Discord

In Game Public chat: Dino Nuggets Public

P.S. applications in game will not be accepted until you have spoke to us on our discord

I used to suck at Eve, but now I suck less, Thanks to TEN.D. They took me in, gave me a place to sleep and park my ships, but most of all they showed me how to play the game and be part of a group. Wanna play the game in all regions? PvP, PvE(WTF is that?), FIGHT IN WWB2(Que dramatic music), Mine, Explo, whatever? Joining TEN.D sets you on the path to that, it gives you options in a safe friendly NewBro Enviro :slight_smile: Come join, I’d love to not be the Janitor anymore.

Totally new to the scene of even MMORPG. I wasn’t sure if I should join a corporation from the start or give it some time and learn the ropes first. Now I am glad I went and joined up straight away. Here are some people that like to help out and they keep answering all my questions :slight_smile: . On top of that they keep showing me stuff I hadn’t imagined yet so if in doubt just try it out!

We even gave him a spiffy cool nickname: Captain Undock

We’re still actively recruiting new players, come join us. Hit us up on our discord https://discord.gg/QmHFzfgTwa

Usual bump to keep our active corp entry alive

According to recruiters this corporation does not recruit newbros, this corporation recruits new players in regard to Legacy / Test. I was witness, when new character asked for joining, and was told he will be not be admitted because of security reasons - he has no history.

Just pointing that out, that you will not be disappointed.

Thanks for this opportunity to put the record straight

  1. We accept all newbros that are newbros Your History Dates back to 2018 actively corp hopping in that time.

  2. You never actually applied with this character, which actively proves our reservations about you. we ask for all alts to be listed in the application. You were told this again in interview, and yet you try to rubbish us with a toon name you didn’t list?

Sorry if this is mistake but we do actively check all people applying. We’ve plenty of guys who have no history, or have been away from the game for a while. What we don’t want during a war is people who won’t be straight with us about themselves.

Fly safe

Bump for a great crew.

I was wearing off brand clothing and could only afford Boones Farm wine. I was brand new to the game but that was not a roadblock at all during the app process. Dino Nuggets took me in, they fed me, they showed me how to make money. They answer all the questions (even the stupid ones). Now I’m sipping the finest bourbon and wearing all the latest from Nordstrom (Rack).

If you are a newbro newbro, or would just be a “newbro” to TEST, come join our discord and submit an application. Hope to see you in fleet!

thanks for the bump

Hello, I am Tammy Mcpersons dad in real life. My son Jackson has taken over my my main, snakefast for now but I have been thinking of getting back into TEST. If I do want to get back into TEST, I would repossess my main and would like to join this corp with my son. Is there anyone that I need to talk to about this? I believe TEST already has this toons API but this toon will remain my high sec alt.


I am not on forums to often, so I did not notice your reply.
My reply to your reply is, that I never applied to Test. I am just looking for some corp to take me in, even today I went through recruitment section, and did make a few posts.

Even if it is such long time, I still did not have luck.

I used to hang in your recruitment channel for few weeks, maybe even longer. At the beginning I did have conversation with a recruitment officer, and I was told what I posted here in your topic.

I was banned from your recruitment channel after someone asked if a recruiter is online, and I told him no recruiter is currently online. You have in your recruitment channel list of recruiters, plus I did hang out for a long time, so I knew who is who, at the time of my answer no recruiter I have known of was online.

I did not bother anyone, used swearwords, or anything like that.

Dino Tendies best Tendies

What if your main thing in the game is Indy, and your role in any cooperation you joined was getting the mats for the ships that others use to pew pew?
Is there room for Indy players in Dino Nuggets. First job in eve was ice slave.

Have been training skills to grow teeth. also corporation hopping usually a result is misrepresentations or all out this is not what was promised when I enlisted situations.
kind of like advertising free back massages and it turning into a BDSM sessions.

What if your toons years to skill points don’t match because you took a few long vacations from eve and have not spent fortunes buying skill injectors to get caught up?

Defiantly pondering going to null sec again but longest time down there was in wicked creek in 2010.

Is there a DNA test as part of the background check?

Curious on a few of the things above as I’m looking for a new corporation and sitting in my holding corporation

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