Test Alliance - Nugget Edition

Greetings Capsuleer,

Are you brand new to the game? Newer player but getting tired of Hisec? Tired of being bullied by gate campers in Lowsec? Are you an experienced player but new to TEST? Want to see all the sites and sounds of NullSec Space? You have come to the right place.

Some of what we offer:

  • A sense of community
  • Hand holding for the Newbro’s of the game
  • Skill planning
  • Access to TEST’s vast knoweldge base of information - Links, forums, discord, skill planners etc
  • Access to our Test Free program (Ships)
  • Access to our long list of expereinced TEST mentors who are always available for questions
  • Weekly classes ranging from fleet 101, Planetary Industries, mining, industry, exploration etc
  • PVP and SOV Warfare content
  • Various PVE content

Our expectations:

  • A good attitude and willingness to learn and grow as a player
  • A working mic as we communicate via Mumble App (Secure)
  • A team player

TEST is one of the oldest alliances in all of New Eden. Dino Nuggets is the official TEST newbro corp. We have members all around the globe and there is always content to be had. We have players from various TEST corporations (Mentors) who have knowledge on every
different verticle and/or niche playstyle in the game. You want to learn small gang PVP or want to be apart of bigtime battles? We have the people who can get you squared away! You want to learn about Mining? Industry? PI? etc
We have crusty shelled krabbers to learn from. Join us and see all the opportunities in Nullsec for yourself.

If you want clarification or want to go more in-depth, please ask in this thread or drop by our discord (link below).

Good Luck and hope to see you in corp chat! 07

Corporation - Dino Nuggets
Corp ticker - TEN.D
Alliance - Test Alliance Please Ignore
Discord - Dino Nuggets
Dotlan - Dino Nuggets - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

Shai Chakaid
Elriden Aerthal
Beer from Bavaria

(Not trying to start an argument!)

What do you offer that KFU doesn’t?

IOW, why should someone join you and not KFU?

(Sell me on you vs KFU)

Many good fleets today, Fun was had

To the Top. If you are looking for an adventure in Null, give us your consideration.


Bump for the Bump God.

Things are popping in Null today. We are still recruiting.

Much content was had last night. $250 billion in enemy ships went to the scrap heap. If you want to be a part of something like this, drop us a line in our discord

Some rocks got mined, some fleets went pew pew, somebody made some cool items…what do you want to do? Drop by our discord to discuss.

I used to be terrible at Eve Online and had no friends to play with. Now I am slightly less terrible at Eve Online and have friends to play with!

Want to learn to make Isk? We can help you with that.

Want a fleet to sit around and collect rocks? We got fleets for that.

Wanna play Mad Scientist with Moon Goo? You got it, we got structures for that.

Want to make just enough isk to buy ships to blow up in super exciting space battles with me? JOIN THE DINO NUGGETS!

I’m a super casual player that plays super hard for a few weeks at a time, then breaks due to life. Cycles like this constantly for the last few years, just looking for easy access pvp in highsec and overall bullshittery… am I in the right place?

Hello ReachForTheSkylar,

Thank you for your question. We live in Null and don’t do much (PvP wise) in Highsec. As for your play schedule, it would depend on how long you are typically inactive for. Weeks, months? We also understand everyone has a real life and that RL is above the (any) game.

It’s been different the last little bit, as i was flying with some merc groups in high sec, when i took my break of about a month and returned, our corp had left the alliance and become inactive, couldn’t find an “in” into another after a few days of playing, ending up taking about a year off… my toon is MANY years old, and im no stranger to nullsec (small group roams / camps to 100+ fleets) but with the breaks i take, im no pro.

You can always apply and see. Typically if people are going to take prolonged breaks (and people do), they mention it in discord.

Do nuggets (or whatever you call them) have access to do pvx in the whole territory that Test holds, or just a certain part? According to dotlan, the nugget corp has under 200 members out of the 16k the whole alliance has. Just curious whether I’d have a lot to do or would just be stuck in a small corner of nullsec.

Great question.

You can rat/explo/mine anywhere TEST holds sov.

Edit - we refer to ourselves as “Nuggies”. :slight_smile:


Stop by our Discord and submit an application. 07

I was gone this weekend but by the looks of discord, seems there were a few fights that were had. Still accepting apps.


We have had a good amount of inquiries on our discord the past couple weeks. Keep em coming bois and girls.

Stop by our Discord and submit an application. 07

Stop by our Discord and submit an application. 07