Tether-to-tether freighter

So as I drag ice products from the refinery to the engineering complex, I came up with this:
What if there was a ship that had the cargohold of a freighter, but didn’t require all the skills? The tradeoff would be that you have no tank and die if sneezed on. This would make the ship useful for transferring stuff in between engineering complexes on the same grid, but would be incredibly stupid to use for standard hauling (think getting suicide ganked by a single catalyst) to ensure that it doesn’t step on the toes of the real freighters. I’d make the ship require ORE industrial so we don’t need to make 4 racial variants of effectively the same ship.
Probably a bad idea, but I thought I’d throw this out there.

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Your pathetic attempt at “balancing” this ship by saying it would have no tank is completely laughable.

Don’t be lazy. Just use a freighter.

I await the skill injectors you will send me for the month of training it will take me to fly it. I fail to see how that’s so poor of a balancing attempt. It’s literally only useful for hauling from tether to tether.

Please explain how anything ganks you tether to tether.

If you don’t want to wait a month to train, ask someone who’s already a freighter pilot and pay them…

It’s almost like player interaction was meant to happen in eve…


Can’t you use normal industrial ships?

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Use a cargo fit Orca, or a DST. If you can’t fly those then use a T1 Indy with secure containers, you can fit up to 46k m3 (iirc) of bulk materials that way.

Obviously thats not freighter volume but as its tether to tether then you are only shuttling and it won;t take long.

I’ve used all of those methods and freighters, no skill injectors required, I trained up old skool like u should.


Use a hauler corp.

Eliminates a player profession.


+1 anything that gets rid of lame highsec pvp is good

You misread the proposal.

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