Towing a ship

Hi, im using my freighter alot. But sometimes its overkill. What if you could somehow tow a smaller ship with your freighter which you could hop into if/when need be? It could be as simple as a ship maintenece bay able to fit perhaps upto a medium sized ship to the freighter, or you can go crazy and add some kind of towing mechanic where the extra ship is docked to the freighter and you can actually see it when traveling. It will just a minor QoL improvement tho, because we can already sacrifice a bit of cargo space for a repackeged ship we can pull out. But i think the towing mechanic has some merit and you could expand the game a bit in that direction (Next up it will require fuel to travel, and if you run out of fuel you have to call someone and get towed. Sounds mundane, but i think it will spice things up a bit. Alternatively pod pilots will have to abandon their ship and use their pod to get back to inhabited space and buy a ship and fuel can and then back to their stranded ship, provided noone has stolen it or blown it up in the mean time.) I mean lets go.

Ships within a ship?
Tried using a bowhead yet?



Maybe yes, this way, when you get into the towed ship to fight off a bumper, they can immediately sacrifice the bumping ship to hop into the freighter and warp off with it.

Oh, fun fact- you cant get into an unpiloted ship as long as someone is targeting it. Have fun trying to get back into it after you hop out.

This does not apply if it is your own ship afaik :wink:

-1 unneeded,

That’s a Wardec mechanic, and it only applies to OTHER people trying to get into your ship. You can get back into it without a problem.

They implemented that b/c they didn’t want a War Target climbing out of a ship under fire, and a Neutral party climbing in and taking possession. Since that would immediately get all the attackers Concord’d for firing on a now Neutral ship.

Well, no.

But wait guys… In that post, @Wesfahrn is talking about one of his other (bad) idea where EVERY ship, even those that aren’t equipped with Jump Drives, had to use and consume fuel in order to fly around or even do something everyone take for granted : lighting up their warp drive.

Which mean his ideas are actually linked…

People, after the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I present you :


(The first ten ideas will be available as signed autographs with the quote “y’all haters my ideas arr great hurr durr”)

yes it does

jump gate mechanics would need some work and it seems like it’d be needlessly complicated.

and need i say no to having your ship run out of gas while your on your own? that’d be a real nightmare for anyone running a long term fleet or a roam.

There is a class of ships called logistics. I know its got nothing to do with fuel at the moment but i can see a new class of ships called barges for lack of a better term, these barges accompany fleets and carry lots of fuel (You probably dont even need to create a new class, since freighters can carry lots of fuel). And guess what, during engagements these fuel ships will probably be camped somewhere in the background, somewhere safe. But what if the enemy gets to them? Your entire fleet risk becoming stranded.

TL:DR What you see as a nuisance i see as emerging gameplay with cool potential to spice things up.

Yes, but none the less, I do enjoy seeing others get CONCORDed :rofl:

You mean like what we already have?

Just tested it.
No matter how many people have your ship locked. if you ejected from it then you can board it again whenever you want to

i only see it as a way to nerf hs travel which depending on who you are can really lead to subscription fatalities.

Nobody likes high sec travel. If indeed high-sec travel is diminished other areas of play will increase. Perhaps less activity will revolve around Jita and the local trade hubs will increase in use and the game might actually become more interesting. Who knows.

This ain’t it chief.

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