Dumb ideas: q-ship rigs

anyone think rigsets to put turret/launcher high-slots on industrials/miners/barges/freighters and a special freighter-only set for launch tubes and a special freight container that functions as carrier bay space for said tubes is too dumb to merit consideration?

ED: yes, I know freighters don’t have rig slots, just low-slots, let’s assume they’re rig slots for the sake of arguement

The idea of a slot reconfiguartion with rigs came up before. The main problem with this is that it has the potential to break balance. Skiffs / Procurers for example have a very good tank and allready do decent damage. They are balanced that way.

If you now add more damage potential to them, these ships will soon outclass many combat ship in their price range. On other ships like a freighter, it would just be another wasted rig slot because that one launcher / turret won’t help you anyway.

So it would either be overpowered and abused to hell and back or completly useless and not worth the dev time.


So, industrials are the only potential legitimate beneficiaries? Or do they fall too far into the “not worth it” category?

Redundant topic is redundant.
Bad idea remains bad idea.

There was a reason I muted the previous chat about “q-ships” so here it is. I shall now re-mute the bad idea.


I’d like to see freighters get rig slots.


I would say not even those. If you get caught in a lowsec or 0.0 system while flying an industrial, you are dead meat anyways, additional high slots won’t help you in one of those ships. If you get ganked in high sec, the attacker will melt you with catalysts before you get a target lock on them.

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I just thought it’d be cool to have an armed merchant fleet. And freighters could also use rig slots.

Let me guess, this is a thinly veiled anti-ganker idea. Turrets and launchers are useless on industrials, barges, and freighters. What are you going to do, exactly? Especially in high sec. You can’t use them offensively against players, you’ll get Concorded. Your barge is still going to pop in under 10 seconds, and your freighter is still going to get bumped into the next dimension by a Machariel…


You did not mute anything.

Obviously others like and want something to the same effect.

Probably the two posts should be merged.

do we really need to see them nerfed again?

Modifying civilian ships into q-ships is a bit difficult and could easily break balance.
Masking a combat ship as a civilian vessel via a “masking device” (roughly matching the ship size/mass of the equipped ship) instead of a cloaking device might work a bit better if you want to lay traps - but oh boy … the things you could do with that …

I think the simplest solution is to just make Q-ships a separate ship from the indi ships it is supposed to imitate.

In that, you build it from a BPO as a Q-ship and fit it according to it’s mission.
Obviously it looks like the indi it is imitating, until it opens fire and then stays reviled until it docks up or everyone who was in space when it was reviled has either docked up or left the system.

With it appearing in the over view as indi, then it fires, the overview updates and indi is now Q-ship.

That would mean each industrial would have a q-ship variant with a new ability. That’s about as much coding as just creating new module features to do the same job.

They do not have to make them all in one go.

Right, I’m just failing to understand the qualitaive difference between the two approaches and why more hulls is preferable to a larger variety of fits.

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