Freighter CPU?

Why don’t the Freighters have enough CPU to fit a Damage Control module of any kind?

Why do the Freighters not have any rig slots?

So they can be suicide ganked


Because the freighters in return would lose a whole lot of raw HP to compensate for the EHP gains through the Damage Control, which in return would make the DC a mandatory module and limit your slots to 2 for other things. Absolutely not ideal

Because capital rigs are expensive and limit the versatility of freighters. Not to mention that you would lose even more raw HP in order to compensate for the potential gains through Traversel Bulkheads, Trimarks or CDFE.

All in all: Freighters would be in a much worse position with rigs and more fitting resources than they are now.


Freighters used to be much smaller capacity and had no slots at all…


They already have the EHP of a capital ship. No need to add more abilities to make them even tankier.

Capital rigs are expensive as hell. And again, they already have the EHP of a capital ship, they are in no need of even more buffs to HP to make them unkillable transports through hisec.

That’s the thing: They would not buff the freighters. Freighters would lose a lot of E/HP if any of these things were introduced.

It would impact random freighter ganking in that it would take more people. That may limit the activity to active war decs, but good freighters use npc corps for that reason anyway.

There is a freighter with 3 medium, 3 low and 3 XL rig slots. You can fit a damage control and/or a MWD. It’s called a Bowhead.

There have been calls for CCP to give regular freighters the same fitting flexibility but the problem is the cargo hold. The Bowhead is not expandable. With a regular freighter 3 expanded cargo mods plus 3 cargo rigs would get you close to 2 million M3 and that’s how most of them would be fit.

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I honestly don’t understand why people are upset with freighters right now. They’re in a good, flexible place and can be fit to task as is. Allowing a damage control would reduce that flexibility as it would instantly become a required module. Even if CCP didn’t reduce base hp – which they would – all fits would be built around one, leaving only two slots to play with.

Sometimes variety comes not from sheer number of choices but from the constraints on those choices. Anyone who fails to grasp that should probably think twice before suggesting ship balance changes.

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its enough CPU and Powergrid to fit 3 T2 Bulkheads …

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