Freighter Fitting slot

Hi , Is there specific reason why freighters don’t have any slots for ship modules?

they have 3 low slots. Also, they’re basically giant floating space boxes, they don’t have fancy electronic systems to fit weapons

What do you want to fit? Besides the useless tank that you can currently fit, of course. Keep in mind that more fitting room means mandatory nerfs to all other freighter relevant stats (raw HP tank, agility and mobility, cargo hold volume, etc.)

Do you have a dog?

Same reason shuttles don’t - they are one trick ponies.

There basically is nothing interesting you can do with them given their specialized roles. Freighters do have fitting slots where you can trade off agility vs cargo vs tank, but other than that, what would you do with them? Part of their trade-off is they aren’t very versatile and do only one thing, but they do that thing very well.

Well a couple of mids would be nice, I find that the bowhead can warp out nicely because of that mid fit microwarp drive and the bowhead is essentially a freighter.

Yes, freighters should have 1 mid slot that can only fit a freighter specific microwarp drive that can only be activated once a minute. The microwarp drive and the freighter’s enourmous engines should create a brief 2 second burst of power behind the freighter destroying anything in a conical area of around 5km range.

This will both give the freighter a giant boost into warp at faster speed and serve as a counter play to ‘freighter bumping’ as ships will want to stay out of the freighters ‘danger zone’. On the other hand, the fact that it is only active for 2 seconds every minute and only after the freighter has aligned and aligning takes forever…should keep it from being overpowered in any way.

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DST? Can get very good tank and utility, yes, you need to make multiple trips and/ or think about hauling parts and assembling a bigger thing at destination, but you have the option.

Freighters didn’t used to have any slots. Factory preconfigured. A balance pass gave them low slots and enough cpu/power to fit 3 reinforced bulkheads for tank, 3 inertia stabilizers for agility or 3 cargohold expanders for capacity - or some combination. I’m sure freighter pilots would love to fit damage controls, microwarp drives and cloaks but it isn’t going to happen.

I believe there is room for a ship midway between the DST and Freighter - perhaps an Orca variant with a larger fleet hanger instead of the ore hold and ship maintenance bay and fitting layout similar to Bowhead

In the past freighters had no slots.

Eventually people complained and got their slots,
accompanied by nerfs to the base hull.

Asking for another slot will only lead to another nerf to the base hull …
… and it will not reduce the amount of freighters getting ganked …
… because the amount of idiots is literally endless.

It’s true that some capabilities were lost during the last freighter balance. That said, I strangely like piloting the bowhead much more than the obelisk.

Obelisk can get 387.5K cargo capacity and ~520K ehp with implants, which is enough tank to carry 1B cargo without worrying too much. But, it’s a horrible painful experience and I just won’t fly to Jita anymore with a freighter. Instead, I drop off at the closest major trade hub that doesn’t require going through a 0.5 gank point. And, even then, the time to pilot a freighter 25 jumps one way and 25 jumps back takes much of my gametime.

The next step down are the orca and deep space transport with ~65k-90k m3 capacity. Those at least have flexibility and are fun to fly.

There are jump freighters of course…but flying those in high sec does make one a big target.

I’d be personally fine if the Obelisk was nerfed down to 200K m3 capacity (~40% reduction) if it was more fun to fly. And, I just find it much more believable and interesting if a freighter could use its engines as a weapon…so much more fun gameplay possible.

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