Teutonic Knights of Amarr

Teutonic Knights of Amarr (BGHSM)

The Order is in need of recruits!

The Situation.
✠ Formed in Hi-Sec.
✠ PVE oriented.
✠ Mine at your own risk.
✠ No taxation until member status reaches fifty.
✠ All players welcome, both new and vet.
✠ Experience with Field Command guarantees spot on the Council (to be formed at later date).

What is to Come:
✠ Discord server
✠ The formation of a Council.
✠ The Crusade against The Heretic Blood Raiders etc.
✠ Pilgrimages into Nul-Sec.
✠ Raise money for the Order’s Righteous Mission. :triumph:
✠ Figure out a Righteous Mission. :thinking:
✠ Establish a good Rapport of Friends and Allies throughout the local regions.

All I ask
✠ Put real life first
✠ Help one another
✠ Have Discord
✠ Respect or adhere to future ranking officials.

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✠still recruiting✠

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