Thank you, devs (for real)

I always believe that credit should be given where its due. For once the developers gave us a QoL upgrade that is truly one of those “a little thing that’s not so little”. When interacting with a mission agent I no longer need to click the useless buttons for either communicating with them or requesting a new mission. This is a huge time-saver and a niggling frustration removed. Thank you so much for this - I pray its the shape of things to come.


Please make autopilot warp to 0 to gate.


Hahaha where is the fun in that? Seriously though, you shouldn’t AFK auto pilot anywhere.

If the best use of a mechanic is “Never use it at all”, then what point does it serve? Manually doing 20 jumps by hand isn’t “skill”, it’s just tedious.


faster ship, nano, overdrive injectors lows, speed rigs. Speeds up that final stretch to gate.

It can be faster afk auto. When I cared about research agent runs back in the day I made mine an inty speedier run. I’d pick up the apartment and such as it auto’d all over the galaxy.

Just keep complaining. Call it racist or something. That should get more attention lulz

But yes. Maybe by DEI carpal tunnel is an issue and I’m suck of EVE creating an unfair advantage having to click click click click … CLICK ! Definitely BS and driven as a hardship component that is not necessary.
Besides they have plenty of mechanics to prevent people from actually traveling. They’d rather you blob into a roid cluster and afk farm

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If you’re worried about carpal tunnel, you probably shouldn’t use a computer, at least not keyboard and mouse peripherals.

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Many games make full auto travel…slower.

In wow retail for example there is now dragon flight. The fastest way to fly is manual control of your mount. Working descents to pick up speed even. A few hours of flying content to get all the upgrades too.

Next up is Auto walk/flight pressing num lock which is much slower.

and last and slowest is ye old NPC flightmaster. You are moving slow AF this way.

KInd of accurate there. Pressing jump for proper, safer travel is the least of my journeys’ work.

My orca is the jump to gate, mwd on, mwd off, 3 hardener presses too. 10 systems…10 times I do this lol.

Even at BS level…mwd trick is useful.

Not doing this…its not jsut the crawl to gate. Its the align to warp on the other side also killing time.

Autopiloting in advanced spaceship, its year something something something in future, we cant make a jump to 0.


Is this update realy live? I never tried putting two jump clones in one station. Can’t wait to try it when come home from work :slight_smile:

You must be challenged. GOD BLESS YOU!

All the latest news is found on the front pages of the eve online domain

My QOL was when I looted Princess Aiko frozen corpse.

All down here from now on!

/the quality of life is that Frostpacker doesn’t need to pay her 1 billion isk a month


You never needed to pay her that. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Frostpacker never pays, we reward!

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