Thanks CCP! <3


why you lost omega? you skillqueue worked well in that time

it was not CCPs fault they got attacked … thats just a little gift they gave you dont need to take it …



I didn’t spend it on anything as it is a miniscule amount of xp that won’t really make a noticeable difference in anything.

A really lackluster way for a company to say:
“Hey thanks for staying subscribed during weeks of getting DDoS’d and having a broken product, Here is how much we appreciate you being a loyal customer through all of this.”

Really not sure why people are happy about this.

Becasue most people are calm and rational.


hold my teeth.



I needed that on this depressingly gray snowy morning.

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Because it makes bitches like you cry.

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Hope they don’t change mechanics on sp stored hahahah


FFS don’t give them idea’s …

next patch … Unallocated skill points now expire

That’s the reason they should had given nothing. Because people now want more free stuff.

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Nyx lvl 5…hel lvl 5. light fighters 5…heavy fighters 5. cap 5. Titan lvl 5. Titan fitting skils lvl 5. Buy hey. Ty for the 10k sp a day and the loss of 140b isk in capitals. I quit eve so its all over for me.

Yeah well I was popped running past the smart bomb squad

btw “Holdmyteeth”

No Character/Corp/Alliance by that name could be found!"

I only know of Holdmybeer" such a lovely corpse sitting on ice.

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Interdictor V

That’s your fault if indeed you lost that much.

Insert generic your stuff/contract it to me statement here.

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send me ur stuf.

it’s got to be done…

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