That feeling you get when you're the first person to find a planet

I will find them all.


the aliens might primary you for pointing out their location
you are playing with :fire: brought to you by ccp


“… The first to classify this sample” ?!!
I classified that sample 100 times already! :stuck_out_tongue:

… Warping in fleet in 3… 2…1…

you’re probs the first one to see it because of your insane level

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Well done mate :gift:,
but don’t get too excited. All these photometry samples have already been processed by professional astrophysics using special tools and is already known which stars have orbiting planets (exoplanets) …

Would you ever believe that astronomers would spent huntrends milions of dollars for earth orbiting observatories and then rely on gamers with no PhD in astruphysics for the sample analysis? :sweat_smile:

Don’t be so naive, it is just a game for us.

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The point is to analyze the data. They collected it, but still need to look at it. Thats what Citizen Science is for. This data will then go back to normal Scientist and be analysed again base don our consensus. It will enable them to categories samples way faster, and get results quickly. They will still double check, but it should cut time they need to analyze by a ton.

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