The 4 Kings is recruiting

The name right now is offsetting as it is only me. I am trying to stand up a corporation and would like your help.

The goal of The 4 Kings is to create a council ran corporation lead by subject matter experts in particular fields of play within eve online. Each “King” represented by a suit describes their specialty/interest.
Clubs- PVP PVE or anything combat related
Spades - Mining, Industry, and production
Diamond - Corp economic growth via markets and selling of corp created assets for the further advancement of corporation wealth.
Hearts- Human relations within the corporation, alliance aspects, and recruiting.

Each King will be given the rights to delegate operations and missions to their respective member base.
Each member within the corporation will work together as a corporation should but for ease of admin issues will choose a suit upon entry to the corporation and will then be shown their respective higher up to answer to or go to for questions.

The idea in my head sounds like it could be amazing if implemented and done correctly. I have high aspirations and desires and would like to bring you along with me. This isn’t something I can do alone.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If interested or if there are further questions to the information given here please feel free to leave a message here or PM me in game.

Marshal Kelly.

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