The 8th Tribe: An independent Great Wildlands corp

We’re a small group of USTZ players, making a fresh start with a new corp.

Operating in the Great Wildlands, we’ve committed to staying independent of the large alliances and their power blocs. Our focus is on utilizing the resources around us to build a cohesive PvP fleet based on Minmatar doctrines.

Our corp offers a nullsec experience based on teamwork and a target rich environment. Bored mission runners, explorers, and miners will find we’re willing to train those who are willing to learn. Returning and veteran players will find opportunities to play critical roles within our small group.

*10M SP Minimum
*Voice-comms expected
*USTZ preferred, others considered
*Nightly group activities
*Jump Freighter and buy-back services available
*Moon mining and pocket ratting/mining available

Public Channel: TRI8E
Recruiters: Mazuel & James Valaryn

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Hi there, Maz o/

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enjoying so far!


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Come and talk with us anytime


Great bunch of guys to fly with. Lots of content! Come join us!


Recruitment is still open!

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