The Abyss that is or was Jita local

Jita local, an abyss in its own right, is starting to look more interesting. Never thought I’d say that.

Players are linking their Abyss modules, usually in form of an auction contract, and its actually starting to look interesting.

Is Jita local turning into a respectable trade and auction market all thanks to the new Abyss content?

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Are those abyss modules actually worth something or are people just linking their trash, aka abyss module scam contracts.

All of it.

99.98% is trash

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Isn’t that more a case of increased visibility through the effects of decreased automated or other types of spam?

I maintain a few few trade/contract/logistics alts in respective market hubs, and I have to say, the collated logs of the past few months over downtime cycles are quite a bit smaller in size compared to say a year ago over same periodic cycles.


Oh, I don’t know about that. It could very well be. I don’t look into Jita local too often. I’ve only noticed it now after being to Jita once or twice a week there are Abyss modules now, and of course I’m curious about them. To then see it isn’t a lot of trash, but that some players offer faction- and dead-space mutated modules with usable stats is like a ray of sunshine. It might simply be because of the event, but one can only hope.

Some are, but as said above, a lot of it are scams too.

If you want to see the good ones just go to Jita or hop on a Jita or close by alt, and do a search in the contracts. Search for Abyssal + insertwhatevermodulename and sort by price from low to high.

The lowest ones are usually either bad rolls or just slight bonusses. But even then you can find some improved over the original modules. Usually the high priced ones are the good ones, but you still have to check every one individually. And of course the good ones will not be the cheapest.

I had a couple really good rolls, got an XL Shield booster with max hp bonus slight duration bonus, slight cpu bonus and only very little PG penalty like 1%, I also had one excellent roll on a T2 medium armor rep that basically became an equivalent of a deadspace module between C and B range. So that went for around 110 mil.

But I also had a ton of crap ones, though some of them not that crappy, like relatively small penalties but max or almost max HP or cap activation cost or duration bonus, so they’re at least worth the cost of the original, usually sell for around twice that.

When you hover mouse over the module in the contract, the tooltip that pops up tells you what the original module was and what the mutations did to it. You will see the exact bonusses and penalties, so you can choose wisely. I also recommend that when you do see an interesting module, you compare it to T2, faction and deadspace variants to see how much its really worth.

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