The Air career program's mission completion condition have problem

I built an Enforcer in the game, but the task building a cruiser in the industrialists doesn’t count as complete. Who the hell set the ridiculous mission condition that building a T2 cruiser doesn’t count as building a cruiser? There is no word in the mission requirement said that I must build a T1 cruiser, and the GM even vaguely says that special edition ships are not cruisers, and that force recon ships are not cruisers, so why put the recon ships in the cruiser branch in the tech tree?

The AIR stuff largely only applies to the standard ships.

You need a T2 cruiser? build a deimos, or a vagabond.

You need a T1 cruiser for air completion? gotta be a T1 cruiser.

The 5 marauders you manufacture each month count for nothing since you didn’t manufacture qty 10-50 of each smaller tier along the way for it to count for AIR completion, which can limit what quests are even offered to you.

Also, faction ships and special edition ships don’t really count for any of it.

You aren’t the only one who is frustrated by this, but there is some slow-ish progress – T3 destroyers and cruisers were recently changed to allow completion for some of the cruiser and destroyer quests, so there is some hope for the future to have some of these issues fixed.

I understand that it’s a system that encourages newcomers to try things out, but the development team has no regard for veteran players, and I have a strong suspicion that they have no idea what they’re doing. I have to let my all functionally specialized characters learn a bunch of skills I’ll never use and build a bunch of ship I’ll never use.

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