The Alpha Combat Fightclub project


The Alpha Combat Fightclub was formulated after a long period of time looking for PvP inside the boundaries of Alpha Clone skills and income which sadly, cant compete against the superior skills, equipment and experience of the normal PvP scene in places like Low Sec, Null sec and Wormhole Space.


To bring a platform for Alpha Clones where they can enjoy the thrill of PvP battles in equal ground. To be able to get a good fight without feeling worried about needing a T2 or Faction ship and modules to be able to compete, just good old Meta T1 and non T2 weaponry and the T1 ship of their liking, all in the boundaries of their own wallet capabilities.

How to get into:

just go to the Channel menu under the character’s portrait in the Neocom, click on “Channels”, type “Alpha Combat Fightclub” and click in Join.

the channel is open to anyone, the combat rules are:

  1. Only T1 ships. (T2, T3 and Faction are banned)
  2. Implants are optional, but must be lvl 1 (Limited, Basic, etc…)
  3. Boosters are optional, but must be lvl 1 (Standard class)
  4. Weapons must be T1 or Meta
  5. Logistic modules must be T1 or Meta.
  6. ECM and other forms of EWAR are permitted as long as the modules are T1 or Meta.
  7. Only T1 rigs
  8. Drones are permitted, but only if T1, Heavies and Sentries are not permitted
  9. Only T1 Ammunition (including missiles) and Charges.
  10. All other modules can be T2 (Targeting, Defense, Energy, etc…) as long as they are inside the Alpha Clone Skill limits.
  11. no Cloaks
  12. no Links/Command Bursts (Alpha clones cant train that, so it has to be equal ground)

CLARIFICATON NOTE: Meta means named modules classed Meta 1 to 4 only.

How does it work:

at the moment of writing this the current idea for engagements was that you would broadcast the system and the location, as long as it was in a High Sec system, then fights would be arranged in duel format.

i’d like the idea of free engagements but this would mean creating a whole corporation to be able to allow the fights, and this would come with consequences like getting Wardecced. Low Sec could be an option but there’s the problem of getting swarmed by L337 PvPeers, thus making a proper fight impossible.

so for now the only format is 1v1 duels.

im also thinking on adding Kitchen Sink fleets under a “Not Purple == Shoot It” rule. so people can just bring their ship and cause mayhem around High Sec.

and that’s it. in short, i was bored of trying to fly through empire space looking for fights, everyone in low sec uses T2 or Faction so i opened this channel to gather like minded people that want to get good low isk fights.

thanks for watching, feel free to ask questions, i’d like to bring this project further later on and organize some kind of fleet content, but im new at this kind of stuff.



You need to rephrase that. Starting next week T2 guns will be available to Alphas. Also Navy and Pirate frigs should be moved into their own league. Also you’ll need to control ship fits (to avoid faction mods, Cargo Scanner will help here), impants (via eveboard) and boosters (damage/tank boosters would give HUGE advantage to one who uses them, AFAIK the only way to check for them is to demand screenshots propr to the fight and post-fight).

ECM modules/drones - don’t forget about them. F.e. RvB rules did explicitly forbid use of jamming drones/modules, while allowing everything ele.

Also you need to think what happens when one of combatants breaks point and warps off (IMO the best way here is to declare them BOTH as ones that lost the fight)

And lat but not the least - smartbombing clowns. It happened earlier when some *** warped their smartbombing rokhs right into the tournament area.

TL;DR; - This is not aesy to organize and ther is a lot of things to think on/ to take care about. Still I really like the idea.

edited the OP to give some clarifications, some changes in rules, and how the combat works. reply if im missing something.

im not of the kind who bump threads but i need to keep this thing alive and present for newbeans to watch.

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