The Art of Warfare

Bump for Art of Warfare.

Recruiting active pilots from EU and NA. Visit our site at and our wiki for more information and to join us

A great group of guys. Many different backgrounds.

Always good natured, even when we are loosing, which shows their character.

Huge clan with many different games and years of expertise, what is not to like?


What type of events do you guys run? and when?

TAW corperation is based out of Null-sec in the region of Catch.
We are a newbro and Alpha friendly corp and work as a team.
When you are in the corperation you can expect allot of benefits such as training and guiding into the game.
You can learn all ways of playing EvE in TAW and if you want to know more, just visit
Kind regards

The best way to start your EvE adventure is to join up with TAW.
They are providing allot of trainings, guidings and help you to learn the do and the don’t in EvE online.
Based in one of the best region to start in catch!
So don’t forget to join them at!

Weekend the best time to make new friends!
And why just not join TAW this weekend.
A great time and allot of fun you will encounter while inside TAW.
They are very newbro friendly and are willing to help and training to become better in the game!

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TAW is a multi-purpose community, we offer a stand and solid group of players for each game we offer in TAW.
We are continues improving the community and you can be a part of it!
When joining TAW, you will enter a friendly and helpful environment.
And if you want to play another game TAW has over 50+ games so endless opportunities.

To sign up :
-Go to the TAW EVE Site
-click on Join TAW and follow instructions
-login on SEAT with main character and link all other characters

New week , new chances to rock ingame!

If you just started and think I need help with something!
Join TAW and we are happy to help you with all your problems!
Just sign up at or join discord

Good morning/afternoon/evening/midnight!

If you read this you are one step away from joining an awesome community.
We are currently in Catch and that region is together with Providence very newbro/alphabro friendly!
When you are in TAW you can expect allot of help and guiding from the team!
on the other hand TAW offers a large scale of games to join, So if you don’t wanna play game A than you can easy switch to game B.
There are always other TAW members online to guide you trough it.
If you are bored of game B you can easy switch to game C.

To sign up :
-Go to the TAW EVE Site
-click on Join TAW and follow instructions
-login on SEAT with main character and link all other characters

The week is in the half!
Prepare for a good weekend and become a TAW member!
You got plenty of good reasons to join TAW.
We are a big community with allot of games to offer so no need to focus on 1 game.
In TAW we are like a family with rules but we will look after each other and help were needed!
So if you think I wanna life with this familie!
Please sign up at!

Relative young corperation based out of catch this region is very newbro and alpha friendly so great start.
The corperation will help you on it’s best way possible.
So if you think TAW is something for me…
Sign up at
And have a great weekend!

i hope you all had a great eastern, now let’s get back to the gaming life!

Hello and happy easter.
Weekend is over back to work , but why wait if you are able to join TAW to have some fun!
We are a big community with 2400 members playing more than 40 games daily.
We can offer you allot of fun and training into the game.
Be sure to signup with TAW @

Been with TAW for about 5 years and loving it. Having a blast together with the rest of the Eve members currently, hope to see you join in with us!

Bump for the Art of Warfare.

Recruiting active pilots for null sec. All timezones welcome. Lots of content available. Check us out at

it is so good to see this many people running PvP missions!

Looking for active pilots in both EU and NA timezones. PVE, industry, PVP. Lots of content. Alpha and Newbro welcome. Check out and join our discord

I like it!

Bump for Art of Warfare.

Check us out at and join our discord to chat with us

Great bunch of dedicated guys in here, like Ikki said feel free to check us out and join the conversation on our Discord