Tribal Warfare is recruiting: HS/LS Pvp corp Newbro Friendly

Tribal Warfare

We’re a corp dedicated to PVP and the mastery of the pew-pew art!
Our goal? – To shape you into a better pilot, capable of holding his own in a fight!
We welcome everyone regardless of skill or background, including newbies and alphas!
And the best part? We get to learn together with you!
From seasoned FCs to hardened industrialists, we have experts willing to help you both in making isk and destroying your enemies! Should you want to go out and test a new fit or dabble in the depths of EVE’s industrial mechanics, there will always be someone to help!
We currently live in a high sec island right next to one of the most active FW zones in New Eden, so the fight is always only a few jumps away!

What we offer:

  • Free PVP ships you can easily skill into!
  • Free skillbooks to get you started!
  • Free PVE ships for your isk-making!
  • A buyback for anything you don’t want to move!
  • We offer opportunities for industrialists and logisticians, should you be interested in this type of work.
  • Constant fleets under an experienced FC!
  • An opportunity for people looking to FC. You will get to learn from experienced commanders and get a feel for yourself on the battlefields!

Coming soon:

  • Highsec moons for additional income!
  • Cheap and ready-to-go PVP ships sold on the spot!
  • Cheap Industrial vessels for your isk-making needs!

We want you if:

  • You want to learn PVP and that’s why you’re here.
  • You’re reasonable active. RL comes first but we are not looking for ghosts.
  • Spies are welcome! We have no political agenda and are here just to have fun!

Join us!
Ingame channel: Tribal Warfare
Discord: Tribal Warfare
Questions? Send them to Stor Ostark ingame

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