The Awoken (Hisec, PvP/PvE, Mining/Industry, Explo)

My apologies. The Discord links expire after 7 days, and I’m not always great about posting a new one here on the forums. I will try to be better about that. I’m usually better about updating the link in my in-game bio.

As it is, we are still recruiting, and you can join our public Discord server here: The Awoken

Until just now, I wasn’t aware there was a way to permalink in Discord. Now that I know how to do that, the Discord links I post shouldn’t expire from this point forward.

I’ve changed all the Discord links to the permalink, since I just discovered that’s a thing. Sorry about any confusion there; I’m sometimes compromised by an irritating lack of omniscience.

The Awoken is still recruiting, and I’m pleased to say our first post-changes mining fleet was a success! The logistics were different, but the payout was comparable to our pre-changes fleets. I’ve recently trained into an Orca as well, so I’ve started up a “B-Side Mining Fleet” for those players who are on outside of our normal 0200 to 0600 primetime.

Our PvP roams have gotten more advanced, too, with more than just welp frigates in small gang roams outside of our highsec stomping grounds.

As always, you can feel free to drop in on our public Discord. Tell them Von sent you and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

I’d like to take this opportunity here to answer any questions you might have about The Awoken, and what our thoughts and perspectives are on how we operate.

When I started EVE, I was one of those newbros too afraid of combat to venture into nullsec. Since then, I’ve learned to embrace the challenges of PvP, and I’m really happy to hear the newbros in my corp do the same. They’ve been wanting to try nullsec and lowsec mining, combat runs, whatever they can. That’s the sort of folks we’re looking for, and I’m eager to see how those who have never been to null react when they get there.

The Awoken is coming up on its one-year anniversary to boot, and while we’re taking a break from some of our usual activities over the holidays, we’ll be picking up again after the new year. In the meantime, we’re still recruiting, and we want you.

Drop into our Discord and say hello, and see if The Awoken is the right corp for you!

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The Awoken is looking for new members, from day 1 newbros to veterans. We are currently in highsec near Amarr, working to increase our numbers before we move back into nullsec (which depends on building up our numbers). We have:

  • A relaxed 18+ atmosphere.
  • Weekly mining fleets and PvP roams.
  • Ship replacement help.
  • Buyback for certain goods like ore.
  • Training and assistance for skills, ship fits, and more.
  • Basic industry.

We’re most active from about 0200 to 0600 EVE Time (evening/late night US).

To ask questions or join us, drop into our public Discord server.

Happy New Year, Capsuleers!

Going into this new year, The Awoken is getting closer and closer to our goal of getting back to nullsec. We’re looking for consistent players to join us, whether they’re newbros or veterans. We run two mining ops each week in different times of day to help our corp members profit, and we have an SRP (Ship Replacement Program) to assist with PvP roam losses. We also do at least one PvP small gang roam each week.

The more people we have on consistently, the closer we’ll be to our nullsec goal, so drop into our public Discord server and see if we’re the right corp for you.

There’s a lot to learn about PvP in New Eden, and it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we have many in The Awoken who enjoy teaching others, and our leadership has put together several detailed skill plans for both Alphas and Omegas to get the most out of their PvP experiences. We offer ship replacement for some operations, and we have a lot of fun even when we all go out in a blaze of glory.

If you’re looking for a corp where you can learn to improve your PvP game or just enjoy the roams and PvP ops, come get to know The Awoken in our public Discord channel.

I’m going to be out of town early this next week, but I trust my corpmates will be glad to receive recruits for The Awoken in my stead. We’ve been pretty busy, with two mining fleets each week and at least one PvP roam, with more happening spontaneously whenever someone wants to organize something. I tried my hand at organizing a lowsec mining fleet, and it was what you’d call a “learning experience” for a lot of us. :smiling_face_with_tear:

The Awoken is still looking for active players to join our corp, where real life comes first and we enjoy the gamut of activities, from PvP roams to exploration, mining, and industry. The more consistent players we can gather the closer we’ll be to moving to nullsec, where the profits increase with the danger. If you’re interested, come check out our public Discord channel and see if we’re the right corp for you.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by to check out The Awoken, and to those of you who joined us. Recruitment for The Awoken is now closed.


Closing thread at the polite request from OP

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