The Awoken (Hisec, PvP/PvE, Mining/Industry, Explo)

The Awoken is a highsec corporation that has recently left its nullsec alliance to pursue its own goals. We will eventually move to nullsec stronger than before, and we’d like you to join us.

Our corp has an “18+ mentality,” with a relaxed atmosphere for players across all skill levels and experiences. The Awoken members must have Discord and a microphone. We host PvP and PvE roams into lowsec and null, as well as mining fleets, with close proximity to a substantial market. We are especially active from approximately 0200 to 0600 EVE time, but we have players from across the world on at various times, and more as we’ve continued to grow.

New players can find out more by asking questions here, joining our public Discord server, or joining our in-game chat, “The Awoken Pub” (link in my in-game bio).

Please note that all “blind” applications to the corp will be rejected. We will be glad to accept your application after we’ve chatted with you.

(Current Discord link is good until 25 November 2021. I try to keep it updated but don’t always remember to do so.)

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Sent you an ingame mail 07


I’ll take a look when I can in a few hours. Looking forward to getting to know you. o7

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We’ve had great success with our recent recruitment, with small-gang PvP roams, ratting, exploration, and mining every day. I used to hate PvP, but now I’ve started having fun with it, and it’s opened up more avenues of the game for me.

Probably the thing I’m looking forward to the most is increasing the likelihood we’ll have players across a greater range of time zones. It’s still fairly quiet during the day for us, but that’s likely to change as we grow.

We’re still recruiting openly for any players with Discord and a mic. We can troubleshoot issues with those if we need to, so come join our public Discord, or our public chatroom, “The Awoken Pub” (both linked in my in-game bio).

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We’ve continued our mining ops, and will be teaching some newbro PvP/nav basics classes soon. We’re still accepting members with a mic and Discord, so feel free to hit us up!

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We’ve continued hosting newbro classes, mining ops, and roams. It’s been a busy couple of days getting new recruits settled in, with a side order of troubleshooting tech issues for Discord. One thing we keep running into is where players can hear Discord voice chat while in-game, but have to click out of the game (alt-tab or what have you) to use their Push-to-Talk button. One workaround that seems to help is running Discord as an administrator (r-click the Discord icon before starting it and “run as administrator”). Hopefully that will help others having issues.

At any rate, we’re still recruiting players with a mic and Discord, and we can offer some help if necessary to haul things over to our home system. Let me know if y’all have any questions, and I’ll get you an answer if I don’t have it for you right away.


Good news! We’ve got some industry going now. It’s not a lot and it’s just in its infancy, but it’s there. We have stations for reprocessing and blueprints we can use in our vicinity, and we’re still carrying on. Later today, we’ll be hosting more newbro classes, which I’ve learned a lot from even as a 6-month player. We’re still recruiting, so feel free to drop in on our public Discord channel or in-game chatroom (links in my bio in-game).

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The Awoken is currently in highsec, but that’s not our end goal. We’re looking for newbros and veterans to join us in our relaxed and focused endeavor to get to bigger and better opportunities, where real life comes first and our ultimate metric is, “Did you have fun?”

Last night I went on my first Titan escort and my first filament, all in the same gang. I got my first real killmail, too, and I discovered that yes, fighting and even getting blown up can be fun, when you play with the right people for you.

We’ve got some basic industry going at the moment, but it’s not as much as we’ll have once we’re in nullsec. The more folks we get and get trained up, the faster we can get there. Check out the details in my in-game bio, hang out with us on our public channels, and see if The Awoken is the right fit for you.

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We’re starting to grow much bigger than we were, but we want more. It doesn’t matter what play style you have, so long as your humor and smack talk stays “above the belt.” Alphas, newbros, and carebears who don’t mind an occasional PvP fleet are absolutely welcome. Our doors are still wide open, so hit us up on the public Discord linked in my in-game bio or our in-game public chat, “The Awoken Pub.”

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I taught my first mining class for newbros tonight, and while it didn’t go as well as I’d planned, I’m thankful our corp has the diversity of experience and mindsets that we were able to teach one another and make up for my lapses. I learned a lot, and look forward to doing better in the next class.

We’re still recruiting, and we want you! Come drop in our public Discord and join The Awoken (link in my in-game bio).

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Sometimes welp roams don’t go like you planned, though we did kill an AFK miner in wormhole space. If that was you, sorry, I sent you some ISK and hope you’ll get in touch if you’re looking for a corp.

I’m proud of our newbros who have learned well and kept up with fleets. For the most part we just wandered around, got chased by a 60+ ship fleet, and had fun. Very few fell behind, and never for long, so everyone got home safe.

If you enjoy PvP roams, we might be the corp for you. We tend to do a couple laid-back roams a week, with SRP and an armory from which we’re happy to loan ships. Hit us up to see if we’re a good fit for you.

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Dear Diary,

Today The Awoken’s casual mining fleets managed to wipe out several asteroid belts in a matter of a couple hours, which is always fun and reasonably profitable. We’re going to be doing it again later this week, where everyone throws their ore into a pool and gets an equal share–something we do on a regular basis in between PvP roams.

One of our corp leaders held a class, but unfortunately I had to miss it due to circumstances outside of New Eden. He’s taught it before, though, and I learned a lot I didn’t know about D-scan and Thera Wormholes. Later on I’ll be tweaking my reprocessing and hauling business to improve it for our corp members, since we’ve got a fair amount of industry in the works.

We’re still recruiting, and I’m really looking forward to the newbros and veterans who drop in to check us out.

It was the best day ever.



I’m usually fast asleep by the time we get to our daily reset, but today was an exception. The last time this happened, I was alone in corp chat, and Discord was dead quiet. Today, there were a handful of members online, actively chatting away on both corp chat and Discord.

We’re growing, and not just because we’ve put the word out about open recruitment. Our recruitment team has grown because the veterans are excited about the direction we’re headed, and people have come together to nurture our newbros in everything from mining to exploration to good ol’ fashioned combat.

Our leadership is constantly in discussions about what we can do better and how. We bounce ideas around, disagree, work out our differences, and always press forward. We have three directors, all of whom are uniquely qualified in specific areas that complement one another for the benefit of The Awoken.

We’d like you to be a part of it. Recruitment is still open, so come check us out.


I haven’t been feeling well due to some real-life circumstances, but it brings to mind one of the mantras our corp has, and we’re not alone: real life comes first. As much as we’re driven toward our goal to prepare for a move into nullsec, we’re all people with private lives and concerns that can, should, and do come first.

It’s a bit of an unusual paradox. We encourage our corp members to participate in fleets and training, but we don’t demand participation if and when it compromises a player’s wellbeing. When you join The Awoken, we definitely want more than characters “clocking in” on corp chat, but we also realize “life happens,” and that needs to come first.

We’re still recruiting, so check the links in my in-game bio, drop into The Awoken Pub chat and our public Discord, and see if we’re the sort of corp in which you’ll do well–even when life happens and you need to take a break.


I’m still a bit under the weather from real-life circumstances, so frankly I’m not in the mood to wax poetic about The Awoken, nor to extol the virtues of the opportunities we provide. I will say I find it difficult to imagine spending my time in New Eden with any other core group, and it’s the people in The Awoken who draw me in more than any particular in-game aspect of the corp.

You’ve got to find the corp that’s right for you, and we might be it. If not, that’s okay, but if you’d like to learn the ropes in highsec and join a null-focused corp on their journey toward a larger alliance with great opportunities for progress and content, The Awoken might be the corp for you.

We’re still recruiting, so drop by our public Discord or in-game public chat, and let’s talk. You can still find the links you’ll need in my in-game bio.

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It’s been too long since I shared anything. My apologies, though life gets busy sometimes. We did recently have another mining fleet op, which pulled in 33m for each of us who participated. I’m personally looking forward to getting back to nullsec, where the gains were much higher. We need more active players (with mic and Discord), so drop in on our public Discord chat and see if we’re the right corp for you.

Image courtesy of a corpmate.


The Awoken is still recruiting for veterans or newbros to join us in highsec, as we’re bolstering our numbers to get back into nullsec. We’d like to have twice as many as we do now, so bring yourself and bring your alts. Grab your friends and bring them in, too. Heck, if you can recruit your Granny Thelma, we can turn her into the most badass granny in New Eden.

Check out our public Discord for a meet and greet, ask us any questions, and let us know if you’re interested in joining us.

  • 18+ mentality
  • PvP roams and mining fleets weekly
  • Newbro friendly
  • We can provide ships for roams and mining fleets
  • Active most often from 0300 EVE to about 0900 EVE.
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Egads and criminey, it’s been too long since I posted here! Unfortunately real-life circumstances have kept me pretty well pinned until recently, but I’m on the mend, and The Awoken is still recruiting.

Starting this coming week, we’ll be doing some events for our “B-side” members, starting with a mining fleet. The B-side are those players who aren’t able to be active during our usual 0200ish to 0800ish “prime time.”

We also just started our first (of hopefully many) Secret Santa gift exchanges, and I’m pretty overwhelmed by the amount of participation we’ve gotten. I think it’s a testament to the care our corp members have for each other, that they’re willing to spend ISK on one another to help each other out.

On the combat side of things, I’m not exaggerating when I say we’ve got combat ops going every day this week, apart from one of our usual “A-side” mining fleets.

If you’re interested in joining, use the links in my in-game bio to drop into our Discord or in-game public chat channel. You can use this link to drop in on our public Discord as well.

None of the discord links work :pensive:

You need to run discord as administrator to fix thag issue where you have to alt tab.

Hope it help :slight_smile: