The Awoken is Recruiting

The Awoken is now recruiting new and experienced Capsuleers for our nullsec corporation as proud members of The Imperium. We are an 18+ and newbro-friendly corp with a mostly US evening timezone playerbase comprised of PvPers and miner-industrialists, but we are open to anyone and everyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Must communicate sufficiently in English. We don’t care if it’s your first, second, or twentieth language, but we communicate primarily in English.
  • Must have a mic. We use voice comms via Mumble and Discord, so we require you to have a mic.
  • Must be willing to download and join Discord, Mumble, and Pidgin for comms and alerts.

In addition to opportunities for growth and camaraderie, you’ll be able to take advantage of great opportunities for making ISK and taking part in everything New Eden has to offer, with a 3-paps-per-month requirement after 60 days. No one in The Awoken is looking to make EVE Online a second job, and above all, Real Life Comes First. If you have any questions, please ask them here and I’ll make sure you promptly get an answer.

Did I mention we’re an active mining and industry corp? Our space has plenty of moon mining and regular belt mining opportunities, a buyback program for ore, loot, and salvage, and an active group of industrialists to supply our local markets. If you’re at all interested in the mining and crafting side of New Eden, The Awoken is a good place to be.

Everything we do in New Eden somehow supports PvP combat, the lifeblood of EVE Online. In The Awoken, we offer a consistent stream of opportunities for player-v-player combat, competent trainers, inter-corporation cooperative missions, a ship replacement program, help with fit theory, and more. Even if–like me–PvP isn’t your favorite aspect of EVE Online, we have plenty of opportunities to make it fun, and a low participation requirement in combat fleets.

We’re still accepting new and experienced players, so come check out The Awoken and see if we’re the right fit for you!

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The summer months are slower for The Awoken than the rest of the year, but it would be a mistake to think we aren’t busy. Recruitment is ongoing, as are our fleets, mining parties, and ratting operations. As always the machine is in motion. Just in the past week I’ve been on three fleets comprised mostly of my corpmates, where we’ve had some great success–and that’s far from the only fleets we’ve had available to us. It’s a great time to jump in and learn the ropes or just kick the tires, before the tempo picks up during the cold weather months.

If you’re looking for an active corp in nullsec with options for activities across the board, The Awoken could be the place for you. Send us an application in-game to get started!

Last night, our corp followed a new fleet commander from our ranks. For a first-time fleet, it went really well. We got two or three kills in our space, and mostly avoided getting killed ourselves. Probably the biggest area we could improve on is the same I’ve found in every organization I’ve been a part of: communication.

Like many other corps in New Eden, The Awoken will give you what you put into it. If you have questions, we’re happy to answer them. If you need help, we’re glad to see what we can do. We have open comms in Mumble, a Discord server, and the in-game channels where you can reach out to us and our alliance for assistance. As I tell trainees, “There are plenty of silly questions, but the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask.”

We’re always looking for new recruits who are just as invested in learning the ropes as we are in teaching them. We also appreciate those who already know what they’re doing. Either way, come check us out.