The Black & White Fund

I am still waiting for the refresh token.

If you were legit, youre kinda screwed now. You’ll never see your isk again from her previous loan.

I did not transfer the 10bil yet.
Also: still waiting

Oh, well you said “Will send when i get home”, so i assume youve been home already.

Weekly payout feels strange to me.

I am probably not going to do it anyway, with the request token. Don’t like the idea of someone having knowlege of all my LP cashout customers. That could easily put me out of business.

Of course, this makes me lose any credibility I may have once had, but so be it. This was only half for the ISK, and the other half was for the enjoyment of doing it.

Also, I can take criticism, but please don’t accuse Rihan of anything shady. I can post our entire mail history if this has reflected bad on him. He’s a standup guy.

Shady as.

Exactly. Thanks @Elizabeth_Norn for putting together the strings.

Theyre probably buying from multiple sources, if they are in anyway serious, which they would have to be in order to be repeat customers, so this doesnt really hold up as an argument.

But okay.

What I find most interesting is that it took him 5 days to come up with that answer. Which is like a lot of time you can use to check all of one’s wallet history :wink:

When it became clear you weren’t going to pay out then you went to the bottom of my priorities. I have also been busy trying to sell my most recent corp theft haul.

Edit- props to Elizabeth Norn btw, he/she holds this subforum together :+1:

Terrible effort.

But he was going to pay, and thats the point.

Feels like your previous loans were just building up reputation now.

I mean it felt like that anyway not only in light of these events. Whole thing was sketchy as.

Yeah the guy says “hey ill pay but can you show me the proof that youre trading and not just scamming”, and then to turn around and say " when it became obvious that you wouldnt pay me free isk for zero risk to me, i decided this wasnt worth my time."

I bet this guy will try and create a new loan request in a couple months.

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