The Blazing Suns of Leva MK2 is recruiting for new and experienced players alike!

We Are the hands of the Sun. We are the ones in the trenches singing songs of our fallen brothers. We die in a blaze of glory, and live with freedom to do as we please.

This corp has one goal: to make eve fun and relaxing. As such our people have the freedom to do as they please.

I have watched players on this game suffer under tyrannical dictators. In picking up my old mantle as a leader, I Fallen Shouna, make a vow to those who would follow me. You will have a voice and you will have the freedom to choose your own path. The path to freedom will be hard, but we will forge the path together. Let me show you the way of the blazing sun, and I swear you shall taste freedom.

Frequent activities include: PVE, Industry, Exploration, Mining, and Mission running.

We are newbro friendly, and we love to help those willing to learn. We have experienced technicians waiting to help you design the perfect fitting for your play style and ship.

So stop wasting time with corps who do not care about you and join the only corp where you are the priority.

We have our own active Discord server and are focused on growing our membership. We have significant plans on the horizon that new members will be very impressed with.

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