The Bleak Lands Purpose

Hi, and thank you for taking a look at my post. I am wanting to set up some kind of manufacturing “outpost” in The Bleak Lands. I am still new to eve so when it comes to things like what certian regions can do or are mainly populated for it can strike me for a loss. What kind of things do people spend time in the bleak lands for? Why would people want to go through it? Thanks for the help in advance.

The Black Lands is a faction warfare region. People tend to lose a lot of ships. Modules for ship fitting is easy to deliver from trade hub, but ship hulls is not so (they are bulky). So find you sweet spot, start producing ships and ammunition but do not get surprised if you still lose money in hull production. This site can help you out, what is profitable to produce and what is not. This map can show you where people tend to lose most of ships, just remember, that Huola / Kamela are too close to Amarr main trade hub, you will get a serios competition there…

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