Feeling Board?

Whats going on!! Just got into eve like two weeks ago and gotta say its pretty awesome. (Little overwhelming with ships and skills and stuff). So as the title states i have been feeling kina board or aimless? I joined a company that lives in a WH and they mostly only farms gas. Besides the random ship of two that come its slow? Im scared of going to HS due to the WH closing. Before coming into eve id hear the crazy fun stories and endless possibilities. How do i get that? I absolutely hate mining Just play another game while its happening i like exploring but i cant clear anything in the WH’s. I want to get in trouble i wanna pvp. I want to get into situations that are fluffy rp. Is leaving my current corp a start? I just wanna not mine lol. Help

Two weeks ? And you’re in w-space ? I would strongly suggest to get out of there, give yourself a chance to learn the game by doing stuff. W-space is a mix of optimized crabbing (isk scraping) and evictions (high level pvp), both of which require a lot of knowledge, experience and skill points. It’s mostly populated by veterans of many years who have optimized solutions for their high level game style.

Finding a good corp that actively supports a new player is not easy, but there are pointers on these forums, or you could ask for some info on the Rookie Help Channel and the recruitment channel. In any event, you will have to read, explore and figure out a lot of things on your own, which in the mid-term will help set your goals.

If you want to get into pvp, perhaps Factional Warfare could be your new player friendliest (?) thing in lowsec space, as it’s also a bit too early for you to build your home in nullsec space. If you did get your hands on some wh gas, or got your hands on some hacking site loot, you could use that to i.e., buy a pile of cheap t1 ships and fit them for pvp - expect to lose all of them while you learn the ropes of Eve pvp, and have fun at the same time.

Disclaimer: my only knowledge of w-space is from daytripping there, I never made it my home. But I really can’t see it as a place where a two weeks old, naive pilot should be… Perhaps some die hard w-holer can give pointers that make it possible to learn Eve from within w-space, that would be interesting.

Rage against boredom!

That’s the cause. Get out there, get into the next one. Train exploring skills, so you earn enough ISK to get new ships.
There’s many corps aiming for PvP in Wormholes. But as already stated, the best way to learn the ropes is talking to corpmates and get into different parts of New Eden. And leaving a corp is a matter of a few clicks, that’s not a problem.


Ya the corp i joined is based in a wh so thats why im there. Think im going to do it and leave my corp. You are definitely right about wh space. I cant due the few cool things there but mine gas for the corp (I get a cut of course) because my skills isk and knowledge of how to fit a ship. I did really enjoying doing the career training stuff and the story missions seem cool. Thanks again for the advice

If toure active around downtime you might be interested in joining matari money makers. Check us out on yhr recruitment sub forum

IMO, that should be the other way around. You mine the gas and your corp gets a cut (between the 1 and 5% max, i would consider up to 10% IF it is an indy corp) but only if you mine in the corp home hole.

Are there standing fleets operational for protection while they make mine gas for them?

Depends: If the corp has a buy back programm and a Porpoise providing boosts and compression, it can be more, as it’s easy money for the miners. Corps need money for fuel and structures.

BUT: There must be a way to keep your folks happy, or they don’t mine for long.

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