The Blood Covenant are looking for Corporations

The Blood Covenant alliance welcomes all types of pilots in our ranks.
We dont care about your religion, hate towards Putin or feelings to Trump.
We dont care where are you from, earth, Mars or from Jupiter.
We dont care if you have claws or if you can aplha a titan with a frigate.
We welcome everyone! But, joining us means that you become one of us, and we have strict rules (especially for Martians)

  • dont kill an ally (Mowses restricted awoxing in his time)
  • dont desire your friends wife (Mowses said that too)
  • dont steal from your comrads (Mowses wasnt a fool you see)
  • Join fleets and CTA’s (i think Mowses might said that…maybe)
    We share with you:
  • Heaven amongst stars (Well, actually its hell, but you are given an opportuniity to create heaven)
  • Infrastructure (Well there is currently none, but we are in progress of setuping it)
  • Vodka instead of sandwiches, personal bear with a balalaika, and a personal nuclear reactor (we all have those)
  • chicks with nice breast in our cloaning facilities (The more you die, the more ladies you get)
  • Few onwed systems to kill your free time (all for free)
  • A lot of target for sacrificing them to our and your Gods (Who is not with us - are against us)
  • Expirienced FC’s who will get you the bodies for your Blood Gods (or they will sacrefice you to them)
    If you are a corporation or a single person and you are not afraid of joining our Blood Covenant then type it here, or ingame in “Chibi Cartel Recruiting” channel, and PM ingame to next persons:

-Kromm XIV
-Strannik Maken
-meridith kane
-Egorka Kitik

We live in DroneReg

Well, fly safe, we await for you!

Join Us!

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