The Blood Covenant. Only the dead have seen the end of war

                          **The Blood Covenant**

An alliance built on the values of freedom, PVP and performing above and beyond on the field. We want corporations who want to experience some of the most intense and exciting PVP instances that New Eden has to offer. If you want to be apart of an alliance that not only offers exciting unparalleled game play but also the freedom that lacks in most 0.0 alliances, then you owe it to yourself to have a chat with myself or one of our diplomats. Our English speaking community has grown rapidly since its inception, and we are looking for more corporations to join and contribute to the covenant.

What we offer our member corps:

~ Amazing PVP immersion
~ Mercenary Contracting
~ Ship Replacement Program (SRP)
~ Fuel Replacement Program (FRP) for select operations
~ Fantastic ISK generating opportunities
~ Fantastic opportunities for industry
~ Staging Offices
~ Content

What we do:

Black Ops Fleets
Subcap Fleets (We fly what we want)
Capital Fleets

Our Recruitment Requirements:

~ Minimum of five fairly active pilots
~ We do not have a set member threshold
~ Activity and participation within the community
~ Active corporation leadership


Members with Tech 3 Cruiser Skills is a plus
Members with Bomber and Black Ops Skills is a plus
Members with HAC skills is a plus
Members with Carrier, Dread Skills is a plus
Members with T1 Cruiser skills is a plus

How to get in touch with us:

Alliance Exec: Mogila17121988 , CrazyDK
Alliance Diplomat: CrazyDK
Alliance Diplomat: Meridith Kane
Alliance Recruiter(s): CrazyDK

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