Blood Junkies IS Recruiting

New Corp for new players and Veteran players. We have experienced veteran’s on hand to get you on the right track if need be. For new player we also have starter ships and fits for new players to learn with and blow up without worry of having ISK to replace them. During most fleets we also have a SRP (Ship Replacement Program) system in place, for MOST but not all fleet hunts, so you can play, have fun and not worry about a destroyed ship stopping you.

Blood Junkies is actively recruiting for PVP hunts via small gang fleets. We prey on unsuspecting victems that find themselves, for the most part, in null sec. When we are not in fleets hunting we usually are out doing Abyssals and whatever else may draw our attention while in hi sec. Oh, and mining will be the last thing you will find us doing.

You MUST be able to join the discord server AND willing to set up and use a push to talk button, this is for everyone’s benefit.

You MUST have atleast 1 million SP, this is very easy if you are new and start the account with a buddy link.

Life does and always will come first, but you MUST be active as much as possible, and if you are not going to be active at least inform an admin that you need a leave of absence from the game.

And last but not least, if you plan on joining any fleets you MUST belong to our Alliance discord and sign up for a game background check, if there is nothing to hide then there is nothing to worry about, but we can not have spies broadcasting our fleet locations while we are hunting any would be enemy. Unfortunately this is a MUST to be in any of our fleets, it keeps everyone safe from unsavory people who get a rise out of acting as a spy and pulling double crosses.

Contact myself, “VanAllen”, or my other recruiter, “Max Von Ryan” in game, from there we will get you set up in our discord channels and get started in having some fun.

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