The Blood Stained Star

I was thinking that the soe arc is too easy now that I have played for years and would like if it had more challenge like maybe few more bosses like dagan and kristan parthux, cause now every time I play soe arc I just have to play trough all the boring jumping stuff waiting for the interesting boss battles. Also if it had something more as a price than just standing it would be nice.

it’s not meant to be a challenge. its an L1 mission chain for NEWBROs…
or, its a quick way to raise your faction standings…

if you want a challenge from the arcs, do the main empire arcs.



Do it in a Velator… that’ll be what I try next for the whole arc. Last did it in an Ishkur, easy with only one “oh crap” moment in Ammatar space due to complacency.

overkill i know, but im gonna do it in a gila :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy below runs DED sites in one, though the results vary. :upside_down_face:


SoE “Blood Stained Stars” epic arc is not too easy, is just right. For new players, who attempts to run this arc in destroyers, it’s not easy at all, to deal with drone swarms (that nasty surprise when some of them warp scramble ship and you can’t run away…) or mentioned Dagan. In my opinion, this arc does not require tweaking.

However, the idea of more challenging SoE epic arc sounds good - there’s still good part of lore connected to shady SoE operations in various part of New Eden that could be used to construct epic arc on behalf of SoE, which would be comparable in terms of difficulty to state epic arcs.

Or at least CCP could create agent missions and some arc for EDENCOM and Triglavians, to serve players something new and offer a way to grind + standing to those entities.


The SOE Epic arc is a classic questchain that provides a nice learning adventure for new players and a good ‘fix your standings’ for older players.

Will you move on to other missions? CCP made an enormous effort to help players find missions, I assume finding missions is the challenge you need, it is in the agent finder window. That aside there are many newer and more challenging missions like incursions.

Maybe CCP can add some stuff for you and others that love ‘change’ but I would hate it if they change the existing missions that I have been playing and enjoying for over 16 years now.

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I wonder if OP has done like the REAL epic arcs that actually take you through LS and Null.


Rookies find SOE quite challenging.
“Burning Down The Hive” and the final two bosses kill rather a lot of noobs.

Veterans can run the entire arc in under three hours in an Interceptor.

Would it be nice if we had full Level 1, 2 and 3 Epic Arcs for all 4 main Empires?
Yes it would.
Is it ever going to happen? Probably not.
Is the entire missions system almost totally obsolete in 2021? Arguably yes.


Last time I did it in merlin

No. IF you want a challenge, do the PIRATE arcs.


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