The Blue Reign - New Corp Seeks New Players

THE BLUE REIGN is a collective of new players seeking other new players to learn the game with.


  • Friendly, supportive environment.
  • New-player mentoring.
  • Access to T1 ships and fits.
  • 1% tax rate.
  • Home station in Minmatar space with free relocation hauling.
  • 4 jumps from Rens; 21 jumps to Jita, 24 jumps to Amarr.
  • Convenient access to Level 4 mission agents.
  • Get in on the ground floor of a new corp.

Recruitment is still open! Alpha clones welcome!

Alpha clones welcome!

We are still open to new members. Come join our Discord: The Blue Reign

Come join our Discord: The Blue Reign

We are still recruiting!

Recruiting is still open. Come say hello!

We are still open to new recruits. Join our Discord server and say hello! The Blue Reign

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