The case for Cosmic weather and Finite resources in EVE

The Case for Finite Resources:

The war history of our Earth should tell us something about what might be missing in Eve Online.
Throughout human history, wars have mainly been fought over resources. More to the point, the lack of resources for some and the abundance of resources in their neighbor’s backyard.
This ebb and flow of wars have mirrored the ebb and flow of discoveries and depletion of resources.
The fact that resources are randomly scattered and discovered on Earth makes it so that even huge empires might run into hard times when resources in their region are scarce. This makes them act! This also makes it so that even the little guy can get lucky and find the best and biggest oilfield in the world. Making him super-rich but also, making him a centerpiece in the politics between the 2 biggest empires.

My question is. Why should the Eve universe be any different?

If resources had a much more random spawn and areas could be “mined out” for a longer period, empires would be forced to adapt, go to war, and make more changes much more frequently.
I believe this would create a much more dynamic and interesting gaming experience. Both in terms of politics between corporations and alliances but also when it comes to wars being fought.

The Case for Cosmic weather:

What would a Galaxy be without the birth of new stars and the death of old ones?
The Original Map of New Eden has changed very little since it first was launched. While it sure is important to keep some consistency to the map there should at least be some slow-moving changes to it.

These changes could be Supernovas, Gamma-Ray Bursts, Solar storms or simply stars just fading away and a star being reborn at another spot.

This Cosmic weather could then have a “temporary effect” on the system and the surrounding stars. Much like what we see in wormhole space with their system effects. like: Shields being less effective, damage of weapons going up and so on.

I think this would also create much more dynamic and interesting gameplay. If constellations became stronger or more vulnerable at random it would create more opportunities for interesting attacks, defense and all in all a more engaging gameplay.

These effects and the discoveries of new resources should be integrated into the exploration side of the game. Empires can scan their stars to get days or weeks of preparation if something is about to happen and players at large can explore new Eden more to try and find “legendary” resources.
Huge alliances will, of course, have a higher chance of finding big resource fields but, even the biggest alliance in New Eden barley owns 15% of the map so there will always be a chance for the little guys.

A dynamic and ever-changing universe will never get boring!

I am fairly new to Eve Online so just bear that in mind when commenting. I do appreciate any comments and suggestions for my first post.

Fly safe!

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