The Catch-22 of PLEX Prices and its Potential Impact on Subscriptions

Except this is wrong.
The player numbers have been stable (for a given value of stable obviously) for the last few years.

This is not to say that EVE could not be doing better obviously, but use the actual facts, not the ones invented in your head, or taken from flawed understanding of graphs.

EVE Population decline over 6 years:


EVE Population decline over 6 months:


Recent population stability purchased at the cost of going F2P already pointed out in my post. Please update your ‘flawed understanding’ of the words ‘wrong’, ‘stable’, and perhaps also of English and graphs.

Note how the graph remains roughly stable since mid 2105.
That’s your flawed understanding. Picking an arbitrary time period which had some of EVE’s peak times ever and saying ‘The population has been declining for the last 6 years’ is a lie. Because it hasn’t. It declined till mid 2015 at which point it stabilized, with a end of 2016 sudden spike & drop again as a result of one particular expansion (I believe that may have been alpha’s).

Additionally that ‘average’ trend line on EVE offline does not use the same dataset for a 1 month graph as it does for a 6 month graph or a 6 year graph. It drops data, and that dropped data tends to be the lowest points, so a 6 year graph will have a higher average than every year in it will if looked at by individual years.

So yeah, you don’t understand statistics, or you are deliberately misusing statistics. Either way you are wrong.

We all know that you see it this way.
It’s some kind of self-protection guys like you have to practice to be able to look into the mirrow every morning.
Because deep inside you are aware of the wrongness of your doing and you simply NEED someone to accuse so you can be “the good guy” which you are not would you face the reality…

We understand WHY you do this,we really do. :slight_smile:
But it still is just an illusion you made up to protect your self-perception.

Continue in doing this,but don’t expect us to take you serious.

Its called supply and demand, the value of ISK means nothing, its about how big of a supply is coming in compared to the demand, if there is more demand than supply the price goes up, if the supply is higher than the demand the price goes down, its pretty simple

Here are the one-year numbers since 2013, and the 2019 numbers ‘to date’. They all use the same start-end points, and the same data source, so any variations caused by differing ‘period datasets’ apply equally to each set.

EVE Offline population averages, @1 yr periods, late Dec. to mid-Jan :

2013: 48k
2014: 41k
2015: 34k
2016: 34k (with several months of Alpha boost)
2017: 35k (Alpha)
2018: 33k (Alpha)
2019: 30k (Alpha)

Note that my post referred to ‘player numbers’. Not bot/AFK/free alt/‘new downloads that last less than 2 hours’ numbers. Not ‘we now run events that only require a login and nothing else, because only logins are publicly tracked’ numbers.

I also didn’t have to make up any bulls**t about ‘graphing software that drops data points’ or ‘gives misleading results depending on the period size you look at’ to defend my point.

If you can’t perceive the drop in actual player numbers, not ephemeral logins caused by F2P and fake events, then you really aren’t aware of what’s going on in the game around you.

Start paying attention, and stop flailing around making up BS about imaginary dropped points and graphing software that ignores data.

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Hysan, the forums tell me you made your first post in this thread! Welcome to the forums! Please ignore trolls!

As far as the player count trend goes, I don’t think anyone besides CCP has enough data to back up any claim. Because of that, these threads just end up in non-constructive arguments.


MER? Go away payaso, if you have to rely on statistics that show basically nothing your whole vantage point is based on exactly that, nothing. Try undocking maybe, actually go roaming - actively look at what people are doing on a daily basis not when rocks pop on alts.

Nope, most will still be mining in delve/fountain/wherever with their alts whilst waiting for formups or cta’s; nbesides - theres not much fighting i hear.

This is you. No offence chap but statistics say a lot of things… but they prove very little; if you truly understood 'statistics of course you would know this, instead of constantly trying to prove something by throwing numbers at people that mean absolutely f all.

But gl with that.


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